A little personal abuse, bogus accusations and threats of violence

Another brilliant (and new) Jesus and Mo cartoon. Sound familiar? By the way, I just saw this. Below the comic it says:  ‘Today’s comic is dedicated to Rhys Morgan, Jessica Ahlquist, One Law for All, and Salman Rushdie. Heros, all.’


  1. steve oberski says

    I’m thinking that attempts by Islamic fundies to censor discussion of the prophet Mo and to prohibit depictions of this genocidal pedophile are having exactly the opposite unintended effect.

  2. Mriana says

    You know, the more we know about Islam, the more we can compare it to the Religious Reich here in the U.S., esp with the Religious Reich to put their theocracy into women’s health care (ie anti-abortion/anti-Life (it’s not Pro-Life) bills and alike, even in cases of rape and incest), anti-marriage equality, anti-free speech, anti-science and education, etc) to the Islamic agenda too. The Religious Reich’s agenda is not very humane and will potentially kill women and dehumanize other people too. IMHO, the Religious Reich isn’t much better than Islamic extremism when it comes to humans. In fact, those crazy Religious Reich people want to make Xianity the law of the land, via rewriting out Constitution to reflect Xian law, which, if you read the Old Testament, isn’t much better than Sharia.

  3. PersianPower88 says

    Arab Mudslimes annoy the fuck out of me. I remember I had a Pakistani friend back in university, I remember him getting offended by a Muhammad cartoon and I asked him “why the fuck do you worship an Arab?” he got offended, but I talked it through with him for about 30 minutes and we kept talking. The guy is a right-wing Pakistani nationalist now wit a deep hatred of Islam and Arabs.

    It’s so easy to convert non-Arabs away from Islam, you have no clue.

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