Jan 08 2012

Will respond soon

Hope you all had a good New Year. My parents were visiting so I took a break whilst they were here. I will be sure to respond to your comments or emails within this week. Sorry for the delay.


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    Daniel Fincke

    I was just looking at your blog and worrying about you. Glad to hear you’ve just been resting happily! Look forward to your 2012 blogging!

    1. 1.1
      Maryam Namazie


  2. 2

    I was worried about you too, until I saw that you posted. If I may ask, how do your parents take to you being an atheist? My Fundamngelical did not take to it too well when I told her that I’m a humanist now. Flipped for a while and after a year, she’s still not over imposing her religious beliefs on me.

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    Richard Foley

    Good to hear from you, and thanks for the HUP, it’s good to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Look forward to hearing more :-)


  4. 4
    Martyn Hughes

    Good to see you are back and all is okay.

    Hope you enjoyed the holidays.

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