How very thoughtful! Stoning out of respect for Bible and Torah!

During a speech at the Catholic University of Ecuador, Islam ‘scholar’, Rahimpour Azghadi, says that stoning is not in the Koran.  [For the umpteenth time it’s in the hadith, which is why there is stoning under Sharia law.]

Nonetheless, he says, stoning is practiced out of – get this – respect for the Bible and Torah!

How very thoughtful!

Here’s the video of his talk in Persian:


  1. says

    Respect for the Bile and the Torah? My Fundamngelical mother and a Jewish rabbi friend (also a woman), would argue that one. Whatever the case, seems it takes primitive texts to create yet another primitive text, all created by violent males, who think with the brain that’s down south and not the one in their skulls. Before there was patriarchy, there was monarchy, which seemed to have more respect for the earth, as well as women. Too bad men used their caveman mentality to create horrid stories which they force women to live by. Guess they couldn’t take women being in control, but I digress from the original topic.

    • mattschuh says

      Whoa! Slow down there on the man hating. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Not to say everyone under oppressive regimes are in agreement, but a larger majority must OK it, because I’ve yet to know any man who’s capable of oppressing women for long. I’ll refer you to the many great and wonderful things women have done in opposition of men to create equal footing in societies across the globe. From equal rights to the sex strikes in Kenya to get the government moving again. As has been shown time and again: a people only tolerates a regime they agree with for so long, you cannot keep them imprisoned forever because there is no greater need than freedom.

      Not to say men in past ages weren’t assholes, cause they were. It’s just that pretending women didn’t play the game or endorse it (or still do endorse it) is not only ignoring a larger truth, but putting women in the role that is at least unagreeable to me (a weaker sex). Contrasting, of course there were matriarchies. Ghengis Khan’s comes to mind. The men only went out and made war cause the women told them to. The women ran society internally and made policy. The Celts generally are regarded to have had a matriarchy and they only killed virgins ritualistically.

      So, what I’m getting at is that yeah this was started by men and it sucks I can’t argue. But both sides are equally to blame if it persists.

  2. Irene Delse says

    Respect for the Bible and Torah? Mr. Azghadi seems to have missed the part where Christians and Jews left things like stoning behind centuries ago. Of course, one who makes arguments in bad faith is hardly going to be constrained by reality!

  3. Anubis Bloodsin the third says

    Seems that anyone with a significant lack of integrity, can go out and claim a 100 impossible things before breakfast, can blatantly lie, misdirect, invent utter ‘moronia ad nauseoum’ especially about religion and get paid for being a self styled…‘scholar’

    The fact that you blatantly make up and invent claims within claims…is obviously not a problem because it is only an ‘interpretation!’.
    The only problem is getting caught interpreting trash with smellier trash, but it seems that to is not a drawback when spouting apologetic effluent on religion.

    The ultimate card can always be flicked out from the sleeve …’You do not understand the mind of god and his perennial mysterious will !’

    Which is a fair enough comment if one is being generous after-all how can something that does not exist have a mind and will to know?
    Thing is these bozo’s never explain how they know god’s mind & will?

    I find it not so much disconcerting or indeed worrying as much as find it utterly preposterous, disingenuous, crass and puerile garbage.

    Which further denigrates the so called ‘believer’, if that is at all possible…which it seems to be quite easily… that buys any crap floating on the surface of the septic theological tank, with a tatty faded thread bare jeebus or allah sticker slapped on it to poorly attempt to disguise its wretched stench.

    What is not beyond question is that every single so called theological ‘scholar’, that tries to arse lick his or her way into paradise, are to a cretin…barbaric ignorant retarded fucktoids…from Allah to Yahweh…not a functioning brain cell b’twixt or b’tween ’em!

  4. Gazza says

    I performed the Haj just after the infamy of 11 September. Because Dubya had decided to carpet bomb Afghanistan and the whole region was tiptoeing on eggshells the numbers were down. by about 30%. This meant that there was 30% more of the legendarily nitpicking Saudi officialdoom out to add an extra layer to the inevitable frustrations of Haj.

    Our little group had a recent and overly enthusiastic convert who was constantly irritated by the “un-Islamic” behaviour of our official hosts. On the overnight stopover at Muzdalifah pilgrims collect stones to throw at the pillars representing Satan the next day. I noticed that he was collecting some hefty missiles. Well aware of the dangers this presented to his fellow pilgrims I advised him that these were much larger than were recommended by the powers that be.

    His response: “No brother, these are for the other satans.”

  5. Martyn Hughes says

    Que the bickering…

    Rahimpour Azghadi, deliberately digresses and as a result this is where we’ll hear the cries of Jews and Christians who’ll argue it [stoning] is not done in the name of the Bible and Torah, but in the name of Islam.

    As Muslims, Christians and Jews, bicker – again – a lot more crimes will be committed in the name of old political manifestos and in the name of culture.

    I for one, couldn’t care less for their excuses and reasons as to why stoning has to be carried out. I just care that it does.

    This is where (if I may) I’ll point people to your EqualRightsNow campaign.

    Equal rights now! and an end to stoning!

  6. davidct says

    And what is the reason these books of mythology require respect. Should we also check out Grimm’s Fairy Tales of Bullfinch’s Mythology for more guides to barbaric but respectful behavior. I suppose that we should add “Islam Scholar” as one of the dictionary definitions for the word Moron.

  7. says

    I’ve noticed how people will cite the fact that other religions do something as a reason why it’s okay. They’ll try to claim that, because other religions do it, it’s okay and not really an example of them imposing their specific religion.

    Really, though, this is absolutely horrendous.

    • says

      Actually, Ani Sharmin, neither Jew nor Xian have stoned anyone for many centuries, at least not in Europe or the U.S., despite it being in the Bible and the Torah and said to be a punishment for many things. Most Xians and Jews I know are repulsed and appalled by the idea. I guess they’ve become a little more civilized in recent years. Who knows the reasons for not following the Bible and the Torah on that anymore, but the thing is, they just don’t do that anymore and really Muslims shouldn’t either, not if they want to be part of a civilized society.

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