A few more details on #nudephotorevolutionaries calendar

Thanks to the women and men who have expressed an interest in submitting photos for the #nudephotorevolutionaries Calendar.

We’ve received a huge amount of interest in the project.

Those who have already agreed to submit nude photos include SlutWalk co-founder Sonya JF Barnett, blogger Greta Christina, campaigner Maryam Namazie, comedian Shabana Rehman, philosopher Daniel Salvatore Schiffer and columnist Joan Smith. [Read more…]

Send in submissions for a #NudePhotoRevolutionaries Calendar

Student, atheist and blogger, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, 20, posted nude photos of herself on her blog to show her ‘screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy’. Showing her body, particularly at a time when Islamists in Egypt are securing power, is the ultimate act of rebellion. Don’t forget Islamists despise nothing more than a woman’s body. to them, women are the source of corruption and chaos and must be covered up at all times and not seen and not heard.

And whilst Islamists have taken legal action against Aliaa and her blogger boyfriend for ‘violating morals, inciting indecency and insulting Islam,’ the move has immediately been endorsed by campaigners and people across the globe.

In homage to Aliaa and in order to raise our ‘screams’ against misogyny and Islamism and for free expression and women’s rights, a #NudePhotoRevolutionaries Calendar will be published. [Read more…]

The truth surrounding Rafiq Tagi’s assassination must come to light

The below letter by writers and campaigners, including Taslima Nasrin and Salman Rushdie, will be submitted to the EU today when Mina Ahadi meets with delegates about the need for a condemnation of and investigation into writer and Islam critic Rafiq Tagi’s assassination: [Read more…]

There’s no honour in ‘honour killings’

It’s been reported that honour-related crimes are ‘rapidly rising’ in the UK.

Clearly, there will be a rise of violence against women with the rise of political religion and Sharia law. When Islamic law itself deems that women and girls are the source of chaos and fitna and calls for the punishment of those who ‘dishonour’ or commit ‘crimes against chastity’, a corresponding rise in ‘honour’ killings shouldn’t be surprising. The rapid raise also has to do with the good work of women’s rights groups like IKRWO, which have exposed the matter. The higher numbers are also because crimes are now being recorded as ‘honour-related crimes’ when they weren’t before.

Moreoever, Banaz Mahmoud’s case was instrumental in bringing things to a head here in Britain at least. [Read more…]

What happened to all that talk on Afghan women’s rights?

The second Bonn conference starts today to determine Afghanistan’s future ten years after the fall of the Taliban. As was to be expected, women were excluded from the talks (until less than ten days ago and as a result of protests).  ‘Gender issues are going to have to take a back seat to other priorities,’ says a senior US official. [Read more…]

Atheist or rapist?

A study published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that religious believers distrust atheists more than any other religious groups, gays and feminists (and you know how much they hate them). The only other group they distrust as much are rapists!!?

Atheists on the other hand were indifferent to people’s religious beliefs and did not have the same antagonism towards believers. Rather than saying anything about atheists, the study says loads about the religious and their bigotry. But then that’s nothing new…

(Via Ian Simpson on Facebook)

How pathetic: On the Pak Falcons

The Pak Falcons have hacked into the Facebook and Youtube account of a Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain member and have been threatening our members. Nothing new there – they are Islamists after all. they have even changed their voice and refuse to show their faces because that is just how ‘brave’ they are.

Below is the pathetic video they left on the account that they hacked. In case you’re wondering it’s not freedom of speech that they are against – just speech against Islam, Sharia, Mohammad, the burka and on and on.

Err Pak Falcons, I don’t think you quite understand how this works. Freedom of speech means we can speak about anything including Islam, Mohammad and Sharia. You say you won’t tolerate it; well, tough. Because we will keep on talking and mobilising and opposing the barbarism that you defend. [Read more…]

Release blogger Rozhin Mohammadi

On 14 November 2011 Rozhin Mohammadi, a blogger and medical student at the Philippines Manila Medical School, was arrested at the airport upon her return to Iran; after 24 hours she was released on bail only to be rearrested on 21 November 2011 after three days of interrogation.  her laptop was also confiscated. She was then transferred to Evin ward 2A that is under the control of the Pasdaran Revolutionary Guards. [Read more…]

Goodbye and good riddance

The Islamic regime of Iran’s ‘diplomats’ have been expelled from the UK. Good bye and good riddance.

But they have been expelled not because of the slaughter of an entire generation in Iran, sex apartheid, stoning, amputations, and … but because of the attack on the British embassy in Tehran by the regime’s goons, I mean ‘students’. Had we only known that this was all that was needed… Well at least they’re going for now – until the British government figures another reason to cozy up to the regime at the people’s expense.

Additional economic sanctions have also been announced, which will make people’s already very difficult lives even more difficult. Not only will it further raise the cost of living and make the poor even poorer, sanctions target everyone collectively rather than the regime. And it affects everything from travel to human rights work. For example, my partner’s parents have been refused UK visitor visas twice recently even though they have come to see him on a number of occasions before. My pensioner aunt who lives in Iran has had her measly bank account in Britain frozen, and Paypal keeps harassing our voluntary organisation Count Me In – Iran because it has the word ‘Iran’ in it. [Read more…]

Sharia law negates human rights


On Thursday 8th of December, from 18:00-21:00 hours at UCL, 26 Bedford Way, London UCLU-Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society and One Law for All will be hosting a debate on a very important topic. The proponents of the motion will be arguing that Sharia Law negates human rights. [Read more…]