1. says

    I don’t know what he said at the end and I really don’t care what he said, so nobody translate for me, unless it I’m in danger. How ever, I thought I was a scourge, with wanting the phrase “Happy Holidays”… He takes the crown for it. At least I acknowledge my mother’s pagan Xian holiday, but I’m not a Muslim and/or a person with a corn cob stuck up their butt.

      • says

        Wait, isn’t the penalty for fornication stoning? What’s the penalty for saying happy new year or Merry Xmas? Stoning? Seems like the answer for everything in Islam is stoning. How is that better? *scratching head* I dread the day a mother asks a child, “Didn’t your mother teach you not to throw rocks?” The response might be, “No, my father taught me to throw them.”

  2. Bahman says

    Yeah man fuck this goddamn taazi fucker I hate that piece of shit. Fucking Arabs are all short pieces of shit. They cry like little bitches when they see a tall Aryan Parsian man. Fuck them all.

    Glass Mecca. Persian Power

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