Yes I’m intolerant – as we all should be

Here’s an interview I did when I was visiting Iceland some years back. It addresses the banning of the burka, intolerance and racism, fundamentalist versus ‘moderate’ Islam, why we need an ex-Muslim movement and the Islamic holocaust:

(Via Reza Moradi on Youtube)


  1. manocheese says

    That’s something I’ve been thinking about recently. A theist called me intolerant, I complained, he changed his mind and then I changed mine. Intolerance can be something to be proud of.

  2. says

    Before I even watch the interview – the CBC’s The National did a pretty good segment on honor killing last night. Homa Arjomand was on it! She said “don’t be sensitive.” The hell with cultures; pay attention to the women and girls.


  3. says

    There was also an earlier segment about the new rule against wearing the niqab during the citizenship ceremony. Tarek Fatah was equally strong on “never mind being ‘tolerant,’ no woman should be smothering her head” – something along those lines, anyway. Ex-Muslims and liberal Muslims being heard, for a change.


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