Even male urine purer than female urine – who knew?

Even male urine is purer than female urine. Who knew? A Koranic scientist – that’s who. Ignore the oxymoron to learn the ‘science’ behind it:

(Via Iain Simpson on Facebook)


  1. Hamilton Jacobi says

    Which journal was the experiment published in? We need to see the details of the experimental procedure. Given the obvious anatomical differences, the claimed result may reveal nothing more than that it is harder to obtain a urine sample uncontaminated by fecal bacteria from a female infant than from a male infant (especially if you don’t even bother trying). In the absence of bladder infections, urine is supposed to be quite sterile, and I can’t see what effect gender could possibly have on this.

    I would also like to read the grant proposal for this project.

    • BillyJoe says

      I think you are correct.
      Except in the case of a UTI, the urine of both males and females is sterile. It is indeed more dificult to obtain a clean catch specimen from a female, and the anatomical differences are the reason for this, and obviously so.
      But let’s just push these nasty complications under the rug because Islam is now proven true. 😀

  2. Randomfactor says

    This idiot failed to consider that the people collecting the urine samples might just be taking the piss, so to speak…

  3. N. Nescio says

    “Of course, this experiment was supervised by a professor from the International Commission on Scientific Signs in the Quran and the Sunna”

    Of course. Wake me up when that Commission uses knowledge from the Quran and/or Sunna to accomplish something currently unknown to modern science. I’m not holding my breath.

  4. InvincibleIronyMan says

    Wow! Who says science is dead in the Islamic world? You have no idea what an nightmare it has been going through life without an answer to this very important question. Oh, the tears I have cried! The nights I have lain awake trembling in existential horror! It’s reassuring to know that the truly great mysteries of our universe are being investigated by intrepid Koranic scientists!

  5. SuperMental says

    He should have his body come on the ‘show’, urinate into a cup and then wash himself with it before prayer. Pure indeed.

    • SuperMental says

      Buddy.. not Body roflmao
      He should actually get together with Rick Santorum.. they most definitely have a lot in common.

    • sunnydale75 says

      We’d still be trying to find fountains of youth and transmuting lead into gold or other such nonsense pursuits. How can there be *any* doubt, after this staggering revelation, that Quaranic science is the gateway to the true understanding of the cosmos?

      Tony (my fingers seemed to resist the typing of the above; I feel dirty now)

  6. Sunny says

    “This proves unequivocally that this is the true religion”
    On that bright note, why don’t we all get together and give the chap a golden shower. Needless to say women are not invited.

    • jonas says

      It’s the “Urinary Argument” or “Argumentum ad Urinam”: 1) Women piss me off 2) Therefore Allah.
      Quite sophisticated theology (and science), you know…

  7. karmacat says

    So is he planning on drinking urine? Even if one gender’s urine is less pure, who cares? Oh, yeah, this is “religion” where he needs to counter his own insecurity by putting women down…

  8. adamatkins says

    Well it makes sense really, when a woman urinates she has to sit, which lowers the quality of the urine, but when a man does it he can stand. Men that sit to urinate also lower their urine quality though.

    If you believe I’m serious, you just fell victim to poes law, which, if you think about it, speaks worlds about what can be expected from Islam’s proponents.

  9. Paul says

    Even were this even remotely likely to be true, wouldn’t it just mean that women are better at getting rid of all the nasty crud from their bodies than men, thus rendering them more awesome? Pee isn’t *supposed* to be pure.


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