Women driving leads to the end of virginity

‘Scholars’ at Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council have warned that allowing women to drive would bring about a surge in ‘corruption’, ‘homosexuality’ and ‘divorce’. It would also be the ‘end of virginity’.

Well then, drive they must.

(Via Mostafa Saber)




  1. InvincibleIronyMan says

    Oh noes! That will completely destroy the virgin trafficking trade! I can’t think of any other reason I should care.

  2. says

    I think they just haven’t updated their thinking since what people drove was a horse…

    I can’t see the link between *women* driving and homosexuality, though, since usually theocrats are focussed on male homosexuality…

  3. DitaM says

    Well, virginity is a very problematic and in my opinion deeply misogynistic social construct anyway. Freedom of movement, gay rights and the end of a patriarchal dogma then. What’s not to like about this?!

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