1. anteprepro says

    Wow, that was a transparent dodge. That was also wrong! Some countries have more women than men, but the sex ratio at birth favors men (ratio of 1.05 to 1) and sex ratio of adults throughout the world also barely favors men (ratio of 1.01 to 1). So…there goes that bit of sophistry.

    And yet, he still gets applause. Being an apologist for religion must be the easiest fucking job in the world.

  2. says

    But doesn’t Islamic heaven have a 70+:1 ratio of women to men? Well, I guess if those women have to be subservient to men in the afterlife then they are actually in Hell. Makes sense.

    • Aliasalpha says

      Thats a thought, does it actually say that the 72(?) virgins are exclusive property of each man individually? Maybe there’s only 72 virgins in total and they just have a virgin reset switch (presumably mounted where the clitoris used to be before it was hacksawed off) for the next man in line to press and bam, re-virginated

  3. Chrisj says

    There’s a story John Wyndham wrote in the 1960s (“Reservation Deferred”), in which a female ghost observes that:

    “They’re all men’s heavens, and they’re hell for women. Seems as if no-one ever got round to designing a heaven for women, don’t ask me why.”

    • Chrisj says

      Sorry; I meant to note that the writing of the story makes it clear that Wyndham, at least, has no doubts about why no religion has ever felt a need to think about “a heaven for women”, and isn’t impressed. (Also, 1950s, not 60s. Never mind.)

  4. San Ban says

    Wouldn’t any woman prefer to be as far away as possible from the Islamic idea of heaven? The ones that get sent to heaven are the unlucky ones!

    • says

      No. Stop the ideas, fight the ideas. Just stopping him from entering a country is nothing but authoritarian.
      Make it clear that he’s not welcome, make it clear that if he puts a toe on the wrong side of the law (including those about hate-speech), he’s out, but don’t resort to the methods of autoritarian regimes.

  5. kennypo65 says

    I try very hard to be tolerant of the beliefs of others, this douchebag is making that impossible. Hey pal, keep your misogyny to yourself, and take a trimmer to that beard, you look like the son of a goat.

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