You better not joke with a woman!

According to this banner found on the streets of Iran, Mohammad, Islam’s prophet, warns the following to any of you thinking of joking with a ‘namahram‘ woman.

‘Anyone who jokes with a namahram woman will spend a thousand years in prison for every word uttered.’

Be warned!

Via Keyvan Javid



  1. Aliasalpha says

    How exactly does this work?

    Is every word in a joke an integral part with small words like “An” & “The” bearing equal weight to the parts that might actually be funny? Is there a get out clause if your joke dies? What happens if you’re telling an old joke thats so commonly known that the namahram woman finishes it for you, do you get equal prison time for each telling half the joke, is it based on the number of words you each say or do you get a slap on the wrist & she get 10000 lashes for no readily apparent reason?

  2. says

    Thats why “Dwarf Shortage” is a good stand-by joke, slip it into the right open space in a conversation, and its only 2000 years in prison.

    Dont think there are many 1 word jokes, so laughs per years in prison I think its pretty well your best bet.

    • Aliasalpha says

      I hear there’s a campaign to make a 1 word joke out of the word democracy.

      Also integrity, responsibility, accountability, honour, compassion… there may be a lot of scope there

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