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The women’s basij group (the Islamic regime of Iran’s paramilitary militia) has trained 52,000 ‘experts’ to ‘promote chastity and veiling’ in the society. Maybe some of those ‘progressives’ who so love the hejab can join the women’s basij as they are also looking to create an Institute for chastity and veiling and a group of scholars and experts on – you guessed it – chastity and veiling.

The question everyone should be asking upon reading this, though, is why a regime that has made veiling compulsory, considers improper veiling a prosecutable offense and actually hangs people for ‘crimes against chastity’ still needs to train all these ‘experts’. The short answer is – surprise, surprise – the veil is not people’s culture but imposed by brute force.

But try explaining that to the pro-Islamist Left that call on women to veil at demonstrations and segregate meetings…

[Featured photo of women basijis making a woman remove her lipstick.]

Via Shamim Parsi


  1. says

    Who are these pro-islamist left, so that I might smacketh them down for sullying the good name of liberalism…

    Seriously, it bugs the crap out of me that there are people who claim to be on the side of freedom allow themselves to be coopted by religio-fascists. Here’s a hint, if your religion has a dress code, then you might be fascist scum. If you are are not actively calling out said religion for being fascist scum, then the least you can do is get the fuck out of the way of the people who are.

    Sorry, not as coherent as I wanted to be…need more coffee…

  2. Upright Ape says

    Oh, I am sure according to some of our trolls, “the picture is no proof this is real” or “don’t blame islam, hindus do something similar”.

  3. Riley says

    Proof that the vile IRI isn’t going anywhere apart from the fact that ‘greens’ the closest thing Iran has to progressives support a man worse than A’jad and it also casts doubt on Maryam’s claim of a global revolution against capitalism.

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