Osama was tender and kind!?

Osama bin Laden was ‘tender’ and ‘kind’ according to the new head of Al-Qaeda. 

Yeah and Hitler was an artist and Stalin collected butterflies and… your point exactly?


  1. Upright Ape says

    Khomeini’s defenders say such things about him frequently without ever denying or talking about death sentence against Salman Rushdie.

  2. Art says

    Seems a lot of sociopaths have a tender side.

    Beat your wife bloody and come back with candy and flowers and it all averages out. Set your feet on fire and rest your head on a block of dry-ice and you’re doing all right I suppose. A night of snuggle bunnies in front of the fire and whispered romantic poetry might forgive invading Poland and an unfortunate reflexive tendency to exterminate Jews and gypsies.

    Wow … this new math is fun.

  3. davidct says

    All the better to be manipulative. Humans are a mixture. Add religion (or ideology) and you can sometimes have guiltless atrocities.

    From the point of view of a victim would it be better to be tortured by a kind person or well treated by a prick. In that circumstance I would go with the prick since I would be better off. To me I care little about the inner person, it is only their actions that matter.

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