Love not Hate, Charlie Hebdo’s Brilliant Response

Thanks to Olav for sending me the cover of this week’s edition of Charlie Hebdo, the French publication firebombed last week for mocking Mohammad, Islam’s prophet. In this week’s issue, the publication is printing messages of solidarity including mine. The cover says Love is Stronger than Hate.


  1. Lotharloo says

    Looking at that picture, I’m thinking somebody should do a cartoon of Muhammad making out with Jesus. That would be epic!

  2. mirax says

    Aww, that is one wet, juicy kiss and make up. Good one CH!

    With jesus and mo, you dont want to ruin the delicious sexual tension that now exists with the ambiguous living arrangements.

  3. Sally Strange, OM says

    I never heard of Charlie Hebdo before the firebombing. Now I rather love them.

    Which makes this whole thing a huge own-goal for the Islamic fundamentalists.

  4. X X says

    The original cartoon engages in the typical stereotypical depictions of Muslims/Arabs as scruffy-bearded, turban-wearing, hooked-nose caricatures. I understand that the point of comic drawings is often to exaggerate stereotypical images to make one’s point. I do, however, think that this kind of drawing shares much in common with drawings like this one or this one. Or maybe I’m missing something.

    • huzzah says

      You’re not. Muslims are the west’s enemy of the moment, and as such they have to all be the same. They’re all crazy, terrorists, arab, filthy, brown, hook-nosed, and bearded. That way you don’t feel so guilty when bombing or beating the shit out of them in defense of your noble western values. Hmmm, that physical stereotype kinda reminds me of another one that was popular some decades ago…hmmmm…The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  5. Al B. Quirky says

    Bwaaahahahaha! So hard for the Religion of Terrorism to keep Free Speech down, try as the slaves of Allah may.


  1. […] Charlie Hebdo, the French magazine whose offices were firebombed last week because they satirized Mohammed, has turned the other cheek and is trying to kiss and make up with their enemies. Damn those accommodationists! They’ve come out with a new issue, and the cover is a love-letter to the Islamic community. […]

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