I am really excited about joining freethought blogs. Can’t wait.

In the next few days, I’ll be migrating my archives here (with lots of help on how to do it of course) so the full blog will be up and running soon.

I will now have to take my blogging more seriously – blogging amongst greats – which is a good thing because it usually gets put off with some campaign or the other. Let’s see how well I manage…




  1. julian says


    As someone who’s been mostly ignorant of your work until the last year, I’m looking forward to reading this blog.

  2. F says

    Welcome! It will be wonderful to read your thought here, however little or however much you are able to write.


  3. Stan Brooks says

    Hi Maryam, and a warm welcome to you. However, I’m still not seeing you on the main listings. Hopefully that will change soon, as yours is a needed and welcome voice.


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