1. Anonymous says

    Much like in Egypt the so-called revolution only succeeded in swapping one form of dictatorship for another, all evidence shows that the 'Arab spring' was largely a failure and that most optimism was largely wishful thinking. Even if Tunisia does become a legit republic or democracy it would be the exception to the rule, since Egypt is currently a brutal junta, there's little hope for the Syrian uprising and in Iran the greens were only Persian supremacists in support of one theocratic faction over another. The case of small states toppling due to economic hardship is not some sort of milestone its to be expected much like people projecting their own fantasies onto turmoil.

  2. says

    Change is solid when it happens slowly over time allowing people to digest the daily dialogue around them at work, street, and home. So, first things first -freedom of expression …the essentials in any happy State.
    Religious Police -represent a Regime of 'Power Freaks'.

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