Two executed in Iran for enmity against god

Iran Solidarity is shocked and outraged at the news that two men involved in recent protests have been executed by the Islamic regime of Iran for the ‘crime’ of ‘enmity with god’ today at dawn.

The two men are Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour.

Iran Solidarity sends it condolences to the families of these two brave men and calls on people everywhere to condemn the Islamic regime of Iran and demand an end to executions.

Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran

This March 8th, in memory of Neda, symbol of people of Iran’s struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran

Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran

The very existence of the Islamic regime of Iran is incompatible with freedom of women. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a misogynist state, architect of gender apartheid and perpetrator of three decades of the most odious forms of abuse, discrimination and violence against women in Iran. A society cannot be free if women are not free. Without the overthrow of the misogynist Islamic regime, women in Iran will not achieve their rights. The Islamic Republic must go! This is the message of Neda Agha Soltan, the symbol of the ongoing revolution in Iran; it is the decree of the brave women who at the front lines of people’s protest have been challenging the entire Islamic state for the past seven months.

Thirty years ago on March 8th, 1979 in Iran, we freedom-loving women and men stood up to the reactionaries who had just come to power, with shouts of No to compulsory veil! Today, with the painful and bloody experience of three decades of gender apartheid, gender slavery and nonstop suppression of women behind us, we state even more clearly and forcefully, along with the young and progressive generation of today, that the Islamic Republic, as a misogynist state, as a regime of gender apartheid must be overthrown. We say that the leaders of the Islamic Republic must be arrested and put on trial for systematic crimes against millions of women, for crimes against humanity. This is the decree of the revolution in Iran. With the overthrow of the Islamic Republic we will lend a helping hand to millions of women in Islam-stricken countries who are prisoners of terrorist Islamic states and gangs and honour-worshiping, male-chauvinistic Islamic traditions.

Today, support for the ongoing revolution in Iran can and should become a vast international movement. March 8th is International Women’s Day, which this year bears the mark of solidarity with women and people in Iran in the struggle to topple the Islamic regime. We call on women’s rights activists and organisations to express their solidarity with the women’s movement in Iran, while remembering Neda Agha Soltan as the symbol of the revolutionary movement against the Islamic Republic. March 8th this year is the day of solidarity with the movement of the people of Iran for freedom!

We issue the following Manifesto of the Liberation of Women in Iran, and call on all women’s rights’ activists and secular and progressive forces to support this Manifesto and join up in solidarity with the people of Iran in the struggle to overthrow the Islamic regime of gender apartheid:

1- Prosecution of the leaders and officials of the Islamic Republic for crimes against humanity, including for thirty years of the vilest abuse, discrimination and violence against women in Iran

2- Abolition of all misogynist Islamic laws and all laws that discriminate against women; complete equality of women and men in all economic, political, cultural, social and family spheres

3- Complete separation of religion from the state, the educational system and all laws

4- Abolition of segregation of the sexes and gender apartheid

5- Prohibition of sighe (Islamic ‘rent-a-wife’) and polygamy; unconditional right of separation (divorce) for women and men; abolition of all laws which make women’s civil rights (such as the right to travel, social intercourse, participation in social activities, etc.) conditional on obtaining the permission of the husband, father or other male members of the family; complete equality of women’s and men’s rights and duties in the custody and care of children following separation

6- Abolition of compulsory veil (hejab) for women; prohibition of hejab for children; full freedom of dress

7- Abolition of all the barbaric laws of stoning, execution, retribution (qesas) and other Islamic punishments

8- Unconditional freedom of expression, protest, strike, assembly, organisation and forming parties

9- Immediate release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience

10- Freedom of religion and atheism and freedom to criticise religion.

Mina Ahadi
Mahin Alipour
Shahla Daneshfar
Maryam Namazie

22 January 2010

To sign up to the manifesto, please click here.

To see Maryam Namazie’s call to show solidarity with the people of Iran, click here.

To see how you can support the people of Iran, click here.

For more information on the manifesto or March 8 events, email or; call 0049-1775692413 or 0044-7719166731 or visit or

Iran: A turning point

Extract from interview with Hamid Taqvaie, Leader of WPI about the Dec. 27, 2009 events in Iran

It is obvious that the revolution in Iran has entered a turning point. It seems that it has become more determined and energetic than ever before, what do you say about the events of December 27th., when hundreds of thousands of people, probably millions, got to the streets. How do you think this is evolving?

Hamid Taqvaie: First of all I think that what happened on Dec. 27 is a turning point. I think it is a start of a new phase. We witness the aggressive and radical actions of people against all police, Basiji, and different armed forces that have been attacking people for 6 months now. I think what happened that day shows that people have decided not only to continue their struggles in a defensive mode, but to be offensive and attack those forces in the streets. Many video clips that came from inside Iran show that people arrested some of the Basiji or attacked their vehicles and set fire to them. They also freed many of the people who were previously arrested during the day. Also we see that the members of those armed forces are crying and begging people for mercy. People have grabbed the batons from the Basijis’ hands and used them against them and other similar acts. So, the demonstrations were not only as massive and broad as they were back in the early days, but the fact that make those demonstrations unique and thus form a turning point in the path of the revolution is that people have started to attack the armed forces. In any revolution this marks a very important change. The people who are marching the streets have gone into the mode of barricading the streets and setting fire to the armed forces’ vehicles, disarming them, using their weapons against them and so on; all of this shows that we are entering in a completely new phase of the revolution.

The WPI says this is a revolution and has been since its inception and probably earlier and that it is heading toward toppling the Islamic Republic. The West is talking timidly about “some change” underway. The Islamic regime itself started to attack the opposition, i.e. Moosavi and Karruby and the news talks about threats of executing them. What is your take on those different positions?

Hamid Taqvaie: We have said from the very start that this revolution is targeting the whole system. It was obvious from the very start of the movement. Anybody who followed the political situation in Iran in the last 5-6 years knows the result of 30 years of suppression; killing, arrests, torture, and all sorts of atrocities the regime has committed against the people of Iran. We knew that the elections and the conflict between Moosavi and Ahmadinedjad was a pretext to take advantage of in order for the people to forward their own demands, their own slogans, their own political goals against the whole system. In the beginning it was not as clear, but now, everyone knows this fact, even among some of the supporters of Moosavi. They say that they have no control on people anymore and that people have other agendas. They have said it many times. The Western media and governments, especially after the events of Dec. 27, talk about a movement going beyond reform, and that people now demand radical changes, and that Moosavi is not controlling that movement, thus, the movement has no leader. Many columnists say that the Islamic regime is dead and we must think of the era after its burial. Some of them have started to criticize the Obama administration for not looking ahead and seeing a post-Islamic Republic era. Those are the main positions towards what is happening in Iran. The 27 of December showed everyone that the revolution cannot be stopped anymore. A BBC reporter in Iran described the revolution as “a fast, unstoppable train without brakes, and no driver!” To a certain extent I think he is right. The revolution looks unstoppable and it is like a train with no driver, i.e. no leader. This shows that this movement will go on until the Islamic Republic is overthrown. It seems that everyone has come to this conclusion now. The Islamic Republic is going to be overthrown.

After Dec 27th uprising, the party issued a declaration in which the slogan “Human Republic” is used among other slogans. Can you elaborate what this slogan means?

Hamid Taqvaie : From the start, we have raised “Human Revolution for a Human Rule”. That was one of our earliest slogans. In the 7th Congress of our party about a month ago, we passed a resolution in which human republic became an official slogan of the party. The reason for that is that we want to show that our socialist republic means human society, not only a civil society, but goes beyond that, as Marx indicated in his own writings that we must go beyond civil society toward human society or as he coined it “Social Humanity”. We have just interpreted that principle of Marxism as a political slogan. We fight for a socialist republic. The name of our state is the Socialist Republic but the point we wanted to make in those slogans is that our socialism is humanism, and that our humanism is socialism. In other words, the true practical humanism can only be socialism and through nothing else. Socialism and humanism are one and the same. We want everybody to identify the defence of human being and humanism with socialism not with human rights as the bourgeoisie claims. The latter is an empty slogan, and has no practical or political meaning. For the bourgeoisie it (human rights) is a phoney slogan. But for us it makes sense, it is true, it is real. There is a real and strong connection between humanism and socialism. It has been a long time since we declared that humanism is the base of our socialism. Today we go forward and extend that principle to a political or street slogan. That was what our last congress had approved.

In the light of the heightening of the revolution, what is your message to the people the Middle East and the world at large?

Hamid Taqvaie : As far as the people of the Middle East and the world are concerned, we ask for total support. This means an active support of the revolution, which means fighting against the Islamic Republic in other countries, especially the West and to pressure every government to isolate the Islamic Republic and not recognize it as a legitimate government because it is not. We also demand for those figures of the Islamic regime in Iran to be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity and against the people of Iran. So we would like the people whether in the Middle East or all over the world firstly to support the people of Iran actively, and secondly to aggressively be against the Islamic republic, put all sorts of pressure on western governments or international organizations to politically boycott the Islamic Republic and cut all relations with it and demand the prosecution of the authorities and figures of the Islamic Republic for their crimes against humanity. Those are our demands from the people around the world.

Extracts from Toward Socialism the Arabic fortnightly paper of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI.

The Kahrizak case shall not be closed until the fall of the Islamic Republic

It is seven months since the Islamic Republic has been floundering under the pressure of its own villainy in the infamous hellhole of Kahrizak. It is seven months since they have been trying to rid themselves of the pressure of this case. They have bustled a lot to conceal their crimes. They have scrabbled a lot to put the blame of their savagery, torture, murder and rape on a few scrubs and peons, and have declared that the case was closed. Khamenei said some had been subject to cruelty in Kahrizak, but that the “arbitrary acts” in Kahrizak were nothing compared to “the cruelty inflicted on the system”. They awarded the “Kahrizak” torturers and promoted them. They proclaimed that exposing the villainy constitutes animosity towards the regime and is thus punishable.

But our revolution has forced them into a step-by-step and humiliating retreat. The “Special Commission to Investigate the Kahrizak Detainees” has acknowledged the murder of three detainees under torture, i.e. Mohsen Ruholamini, Mohammad Kamrani, and Javidifar. It has named Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran’s loathed prosecutor and a darling of the Supreme Leader, as the main accused. It has also admitted to cruelty and savagery by 12 security officers and several torturers of the Judiciary.

Emergence of this report by itself is a retreat; it is repentance by Khamenei and the regime of 30 years’ execution, torture and savagery, under the pressure of us, the people’s protests and revolution. But we the people are not satisfied with these retreats. They have confessed to the torture, murder and savagery, yet on November 13 a member of the executive board of the Islamic regime’s parliament claimed that “12 members of the security forces were charged and their charges were quickly dealt with by the prosecutor’s office of the armed forces’ judiciary organization.” This is the Islamic Republic’s futile efforts to bring an end to this case. But we the people say:

First of all, so far as you have confessed to your crimes, tortures and savagery, Saeed Mortazavi and other murderers, torturers and those who have issued the orders from top to bottom should be prosecuted in open public courts in the presence of international commissions and media. Declaring this case closed through the farcical, dirty games of closed sessions of the “prosecutor’s office of the judiciary organisation” is unacceptable.

Secondly, we know that this regime’s barbaric crimes and savagery in Kahrizak were much more brutal than what is reflected in that report. The number of our loved ones who were killed in this house of torture and those others in the past few months was a lot more than those tens who are known by their name and personal identity. We will not allow the Islamic Republic to escape its responsibility for these crimes. We the people know that Kahrizak is only one of Islamic republic’s numerous dungeons of torture. We the people know that there are thousands of our children accused of the crime of demonstrating and demanding freedom in Evin, Gohardasht, Eshratabad and other numerous prisons and hellholes of the Ministry of Information and security forces and other abominable establishments, under brutal pressure. Kahrizak symbolises all of the Islamic Republics’ prisons, and this regime’s entire inhumane system of judiciary and law enforcement. We will ruin the Kahrizak on top of this regime. We will celebrate the glorious memory of each and every one of this regime’s victims. We will prosecute the butchers and, before all others, their supreme leader himself. All the political prisoners, all of those arrested in the protests should be released immediately. Case files of the crimes in all prisons should be opened. All of those who directly or indirectly were involved in torture, rape, arrests and murders should be made known to the public and prosecuted. This is one of our, the people’s, immediate demands. Freedom of opposition, unconditional freedom of speech, freedom of protest and demonstrations constitute the base and foundation of our struggle and revolution. A cardinal basis of this revolution is that there should be no more political prisoners and political prisons in this country.

We have forced the Islamic regime to repentance, and we will declare and realize all these aims, not as requests from the detestable regime of Islamic republic, but as the commands of the revolution. We will bring down the regime of oppressors, torturers and murderers, and will prosecute all its leaders and officials in open and fair trials for crimes against humanity.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran
Long live freedom, equality, human rule
For a socialist republic

Worker-communist Party of Iran
13 January 2010

International solidarity with the ‘women’s revolution’ in Iran

To women’s rights and human rights organisations and progressive people around the world!

At the forefront of the revolution of the people of Iran for liberation from despotism and religious reaction are women who are fighting to break the chains of gender slavery. This revolution and the role of women in it are political events of utmost importance, which have stirred great enthusiasm around the world. They deserve your wholehearted support!

A total gender apartheid rules in Iran. The atrocities committed against women by the Islamic regime are beyond description. Under the laws of the Islamic Republic, sex with underage girls is perfectly legal, while sex outside marriage is punishable by death by means of stoning; in Iranian prisons women are raped and executed… No wonder women are bravely fighting at the forefront of the revolution to put an end to this regime.

The revolution of the people of Iran deserves your enthusiastic support. We call on you to turn 8 March 2010 into a day of solidarity with the revolution in Iran; into a day of remembering Neda and all those who have lost their lives in the struggle for freedom, for getting rid of one of the most murderous regimes of contemporary history. We call on you to take part, wherever you are, in actions in support of the revolution in Iran, be the initiators of such actions yourselves, and in symbolic gestures burn the Islamic veil, this symbol of gender apartheid and women’s slavery. Shout out that the Islamic Republic as the most murderous and misogynist regime in the world must go!

Long live 8 March!
Long live international solidarity with women in Iran!

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Organisation Abroad
January 2010

On Index on Censorship’s decision to not publish Danish cartoons

Jonathan Dimbleby
Board of Trustees
Index on Censorship
Free Word Centre
60 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3GA

Dear Mr Dimbleby

We are deeply shocked and disappointed by the decision of Index to censor its own magazine from publishing one of the Danish cartoons to illustrate an article relating to the subject.

We believe this is a betrayal of those who are putting their lives on the line to defend freedom of expression. We should be standing together. It is only through a united stance that we can protect each other and defeat the extremists and those who wish to use fear and threats to silence dissent.

Index on Censorship, above all should not be indulging in self-censorship.

Finally, this is not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with the content of the cartoons: as the famous quote goes: “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it!” But it has everything to do with standing up to those who would take away our freedom to express ourselves and would enslave humanity. It has everything to do with not abandoning the growing numbers of brave people standing up for human rights, freedom and against censorship, around the world.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Brown, International Representative, International Humanist and Ethical Union
Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Association
Douglas Murray, Director, Centre for Social Cohesion
Maryam Namazie, Spokesperson, One Law for All and Iran Solidarity
David Pollock, President, European Humanist Federation
Fariborz Pooya, Head, Iranian Secular Society
Hassan Radwan, Management Committee Member, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
Terry Sanderson, President, National Secular Society



The new edition of the Index on Censorship magazine carries an interview with Jytte Klausen about the kerfuffle with Yale University Press. Jo Glanville (editor of Index on Censorship) wanted to publish one of the cartoons to illustrate the interview. Index’s board refused. Kenan Malik was not at the board meeting but was furious with the decision. He agreed not to resign so long as this did not remain simply an internal debate. So the Index website has posted up the Klausen interview, a piece from Jonathan Dimbleby (chairman of the board)defending the board’s position not to publish the cartoons and one from Kenan as to why it was profoundly wrong. His piece is here.

On the resignation of the Islamic regime of Iran’s diplomats

Following the resignation of the Islamic regime of Iran’s ambassador in Norway, a former high ranking diplomat added that several other diplomats had also quit their posts. He confessed in an interview that in the past two weeks alone, five diplomats including at consuls or embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Norway, Germany, the UK and France have quit their posts and sought asylum in these countries.

The internal disintegration of the Islamic regime’s forces in Iran and abroad is a result of the overwhelming pressure of the people’s revolution. The Islamic Republic’s ranks are muddled and the regime has no way out. The resignation of its diplomats is a clear sign of the collapsing of the Islamic regime.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran calls upon all Iranians abroad to join protests at the Islamic regime’s embassies in different cities of the world every Saturday and to expand the protests and demand their closure.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!
Long Live a Human Revolution for a Human Rule!
Long Live a Socialist Republic!

Worker-communist Party of Iran-Organisation Abroad
January 10, 2009

Islamic Republic’s Embassies should be shut down!

Islamic Republic’s embassies should be shut down. This is the command of the people’s revolution in Iran. This is the command of the people that in the past seven months have shown the world that they do not want the Islamic regime and want to topple it. Islamic Republic’s embassies pretend to act in the name of the Iranian people; but in fact not only they do not represent the people in Iran, but also they are against the people. These are the centers of the enemies of the people abroad.

A regime that is in power with the use of bullying, force, oppression, torture, rape, and execution cannot and should not have the right to claim representing the people abroad. Islamic Republic embassies are the extension of the oppressive machinery of the Islamic republic; they are centers of conspiracy against and assassination of opposition abroad.

In the name of freedom and in defense of the heroic struggle of the people in Iran we demand immediate closure of Islamic Republic’s embassies all around the world. Every second that these centers of conspiracy and assassination of the Islamic regime abroad continue to be means approving the Islamic regime’s oppressive measures and violation of the right of the people in Iran. Standing masses in Iran will not forgive such an act.

In the name of victims of thirty years of crimes of the Islamic regime, in the name of those who in the recent months lost their lives in front of the world’s eyes, in the name of Neda, Sohrab, Ashkan, Taraneh, and many others we demand shutting down of the embassies of this criminal regime all around the world. Embassies of the Islamic regime, the centers of conspiracy and assassination should be shut down. Political and diplomatic relations with the criminal Islamic regime should be cut.

We call upon all the people around the world to pressure governments for ending their political, diplomatic, and cultural relations with the Islamic regime in Iran. We call upon all Iranians abroad to use their united power for shutting down the Islamic Republic’s embassies all around the world. We should attack on the regime in concert and do away with the regime abroad.

Worker-communist Party of Iran-Organization Abroad
January 8, 2010

People across the World: Help Organize Groups in the Fight against Execution

By: Farshad Hosseini
Jan 13, 2010

Torture and execution are the only strings in which the Islamic Republic of Iran is hanging from, without which the regime would not last an hour. We need to take away this tool from the Islamic Republic with a forceful, united and pre-planned action throughout the world. The biggest support to the struggle of the Iranian people in toppling this regime of terror and repression will be to organize a vast and powerful social movement. We must fight the repressive policies of the Islamic Republic which includes imprisonment, torture and executions. We need to neutralize and block these criminal policies. We need to attack the tools used by the Islamic Republic in an active and unified manner throughout the world.

Is it possible to confront the executions carried out by the Islamic Republic outside the country?

The front lines for fighting the Islamic republic or any other dictatorial regime are not limited to activities inside the country. Global experiences have shown many times that a struggle beyond the borders have always provided an important trench for the freedom fighters of the world.

If we take a look at the struggles of the people of South Africa, Chile, Cuba, Palestine and other parts of the world against dictatorships, an important factor for bringing down those regimes has always included relentless, united, organized and vast activities outside those countries. The experience of the Iranian people, be it during the Constitutional Revolution of early 1900s or the 1979 revolution and even during the lifetime of the Islamic Republic have always proved that struggles outside the country have had an important effect in paralyzing the regimes. The Islamic Republic is not an isolated island, separated from the global community. The Islamic Republic was born outside the country and even today the outside world has a vital role in preserving this regime. We must cut this regime off from the rest of the world. This is because a regime that is expelled from international gatherings, a regime that is under heavy pressure from protests by people across the world, whose ugly and horrific face is broadcasted, this regime is likened to a rotten fruit that will fall with a slight wind blown at it later on by the people inside the country.

We need to use torture and execution like a chain around the Islamic Republic’s neck and we need to use the same chain to end the political, diplomatic and economic life of the Islamic Republic. All over the world, the newspapers, TV stations, news agencies and internet networks, local and international societies, officials, journalists, reporters, human rights activists, members of parliaments, and all governments must designate the Islamic Republic as a symbol of torture, execution and terror. This is our important task ahead. We need to hang this picture of the Islamic Republic around the world.

To the Iranians outside the country and to the freedom loving people of the world:

This is a crucial and defining moment in the history of the world. The heart of the execution capital of the world is about to stop beating. We need to support the movement with full force and we need to try to extract this ugly heart, which is responsible for taking people’s lives, out of the global body. The world does not need an execution capital. The world does not need a prison, torture and repression capital. The world does not need a terrorist capital. The world is made for reaping the benefits of infinite material, moral blessings and for the enjoyment of human creativity. Please help us organize units to fight execution. Help us paint the world with human colors. Please help us take bright rays of sunshine to dark cells of the Islamic Republic prisons and to rejuvenate the bright hope of life to the hearts of those condemned to execution.

Help us create groups of struggle against executions throughout the world and turn the world into a relentless fighting unity to save human lives, restore dignity and integrity for individuals. With the creation of these groups, we are in effect building organizations to cut down one of the most barbaric dictatorial regimes in the world.

How do we organize groups or units of struggle against executions?

Creation and organization of units of struggle against execution is simple. We can begin with any number of people anywhere in the world. We can even organize these units with one person. Anyone can create a unit to fight execution in his or her city of residence and announce its existence.

Activities and struggles against execution are also simple and at the same time these activities are vast and extensive, matching the capabilities and creativity of its members, and these include activities in the streets, to activities in the public media, to activities in human rights organizations, to lobbying in parliaments and governments and international organizations.

Activities in the streets can begin with a two people team and a banner asking for an end to executions in Iran. One can lay the slogans in a square, with two magic markers, holding a picture or a placard or hang next to us. We can carry a piece of paper asking people to sign or encouraging them to join our units of struggle. We can have boxes for collecting donations and speak to the locals. Once we layout all these in public, people will start supporting us. They can even give us ideas and more facilities to do engage in even more extensive activities. It’s that simple and you can start this work with two interested parties. Even one person can start this work. With the struggle against execution we will get to the heart of the people of the world. With each hour of this work we will find tens and hundreds of supporters for the struggle of the Iranian people. With this type of work we can inscribe the pictures of the hundreds of victims of the Islamic Republic’s executions to the minds of the people of the world.

The range of this work can be extended later depending on how many members are active. We can reach out to newspapers and the media. We can go to the corridors of parliaments and international organizations. We can become vastly active on the internet. We can go to people’s houses. We go to universities and schools, shopping malls, sports arenas and we can continue our activities in any gathering place.

We need to start today. Please contact myself or Mina Ahadi and the ‘International Committee against execution’. We will join your hands with hundreds and thousands of others who have started this important fight. Our activities, however small, are like a drop of rain that will turn into a flood that will sweep away one of the most professional murdering regimes of the world. We will turn into a pair of scissors that will cut through the execution ropes. We will turn into a mallet that will smash the walls of torture. Stay in touch with us and report on your activities.

Our contact information:
Farshad Hosseini
Phone: 00316812851284
Mina Ahadi
Phone: 00491775692413

We need your support!


As you know, working against Sharia and religious laws, or coming out publicly as an ex-Muslim to break the taboo that comes with renouncing religion (an act punishable by death under Sharia) is not easy in this day and age. We’ve managed to do quite a good job nonetheless, thanks in large part to the support of people like you. But there is much more to be done and we can’t do it without your financial support, however small.

If you haven’t already done so, one way you can support the work of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and One Law for All is to join the January 28 fundraiser dinner, which is only two weeks away. Tickets are still available so if you’re in London or can get here, please do try and come to the event. It is a good opportunity to support our important work whilst also enjoying a three-course dinner in an intimate environment.

The event’s keynote speaker will be AC Grayling, the renowned philosopher, author, writer, reviewer, and broadcaster. Comedian Nick Doody, Singer/Songwriter David Fisher and Magician Neil Edwards will also be there to entertain our guests.

To purchase a ticket(s) at £45.00 per person, you can either post a cheque made payable to One Law for All or CEMB to BM Box 2387, London WC1N 3XX or pay via Paypal: or Worldpay: If you’re paying by cheque, please make sure you email us so we know to reserve a place for you.

If you can’t come to the event but would like to support us nonetheless, please send in a donation so we can cover the cost of the activities we have planned for 2010. These include a March 8 seminar on legal and legislative ways to get rid of Sharia and religious laws in Britain; an art gallery show in spring; a June 20 rally against Sharia and political Islam and in support of people resisting it everywhere; a December conference on apostasy and Sharia law and much more…

We hope to see you at the fundraiser event or hear from you about how you can help us with the important work that lies ahead.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes,


Maryam Namazie
One Law for All and Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
BM Box 2387
London WC1N 3XX, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 7719166731

Conversation With Mother of Kurdish Activist on Death Row

“To all freedom-loving people wherever they may live.” – A Conversation with the Mother of Farzad Kamangar, a Kurdish Activist on Death Row.
By Mohammad-Amin Kamangar

On Monday, January the 11th, 10:00 am Iran time, Farzad Kamangar contacted his family. This is the conversation they had.

Farzad: Hi mom, I hope you are well.

Farzad’s Mother: Yes dear, I am very well and I am proud of you. Believe me I am doing well, as always.

Farzad: Mom, how are the kids (Farzad’s students) doing? What do they say? What are they up to? What is the media saying?

His mother’s response to these questions is brief and the phone is then suddenly disconnected.

Farzad’s mother wishes to deliver the following message:

“Please send my best wishes to Mina Ahadi and tell her that she should send a message to all mothers who have lost loved ones and those whose loved ones are imprisoned like mine that we should do something for them ourselves.

“All the youngsters who have been executed, are being executed, and those in detention, are all my brothers and sisters, just as my Farzad is a son to countless others. I have said this many times: He belongs to all people. Human beings are not different from each other, be they Persian, Kurd, Arab or Turk. We are all human beings and we want freedom and dignity. But who do we talk to? Where? How?

“My message to mothers in the same situation is this: my dear sisters and my dear daughters, wherever we are, whatever our ideas and opinions, we need to join hands, stay in touch and protest in a unified manner. We need to rise together. What are they going to do to us? Execute us? Let us be executed so that we may never see the deaths of our children. Dear mothers, please let us join hands to free our young people. I know that these gentlemen (regime officials) are listening to these words. Let them hear me. Let them execute me. I will sooner set myself on fire than silence myself. Have they not seen what happened to the Shah? Have they not seen what happened to Saddam? They should not continue on this path or they will meet the same fate.

“What do the youth want besides freedom? What crime has Farzad committed except seeking freedom? He has spent 4 years in prison. Lately his lawyer wanted to review his file and they have told him that the file is lost! His lawyer has suffered a stroke because of the stress caused by Farzad’s case and the tens of other similar cases, and is now hospitalized.

“I am pleading with the Human Rights Commission, all political parties and organizations that are for humanity and all people who fight for human dignity. The situation is very dangerous. They are executing youngsters everyday.

If anyone can do anything, please do. Do not let them execute youngsters en masse. You and all the world shall be my defense. Please let the world hear my message.”

Translation: Tour Irani

All Hands On Deck to Free Political Prisoners

by Shahla Daneshfar
Translated on January 10 2010

According to published reports, during the mass demonstrations on the 26th and 27th of December 2009 (Tasua and Ashoura), approximately one thousand people were arrested. There are no accurate statistics of the numbers of arrestees, but according to news leaked from the prisons, the numbers are so high that there are 50 Prisoners being kept in the Section 240 of Evin Prison alone. It has been said that a large number of prisoners have also been placed in the cellar of Evin; others have been transferred to Gohardasht prison in Keraj.

Families of those arrested in recent days have been gathered in front of Evin prison, “the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Court.” They have requested information about their beloved and asked for their immediate release from prison.

On Jan 3 2010 at 9am, hundreds of people from the families of those detainees went to the “Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic” and asked for the release of their beloved. The situation of many of these detainees is unclear, and this has led to great concern among the families. Out of this serious concern, a number of families have even contacted the forensic authorities in an effort to obtain news about their beloveds, but they have received no reply.

Detainees who have had contact with their families have informed the families that there have been a very large number of people arrested.

On the 27th of December (Ashoura), the Islamic Republic savagely attacked the protestors and violently engaged them by kicking and punching and using batons. The violent attitude of the security forces has caused particular concern among the families. Families of those detainees are worried about the possibility of their children being under torture in order to confess and perhaps to be forced to take part in the Regime’s televised show trials, particularly after the threats made by butchers like Radan and Ezheie saying that the punishment for detainees is execution. These threats have added to the concerns of those families and compounded their anger and rage. Families of detainees have recently announced that until the release of the detainees, they are going to continue their daily gatherings.

Through the mass protests on Ashoura, the peoples’ revolution has taken another big step forward. In the aftermath of this event, the desperation and disarray of the regime is more visible. People’s confrontation on Ashoura with the regime’s security forces, which extended in some cases to disarming them, has rattled the regime. The Islamic Republic has no other recourse. The Islamic Republic has seen with its own eyes that no martial law nor torture and imprisonment can force protesting people to retreat, which is why the Regime has resorted to mass arrests and threatening execution and massacre.

Apart from arresting people in demonstration, at this moment, 6 Haft Tappeh sugar cane workers are in prison and Reza Rakhshan, another one of the members of board of directors of this factory has been arrested in this week and imprisoned. Childrens’ rights activists, and among them Maryam Zia, have also been arrested this week. But peoples’ mass demonstrations on the 27th of December have shown that this regime is taking its last breath and the end of Islamic Republic is near. We have even heard this from the international mass media. Our revolution is in a decisive moment; releasing the political prisoners from the hands of these butchers is a significant step in the progress of the revolution.

We need all hands on deck, with ALL power, to get behind the families of those recently arrested and all other political prisoners, to help throw open wide the prison gates.

Gather in the university, in front of Evin prison, and in all the centers the arrestees have been moved to, and demand the immediate release of all political prisoners from prison.

We need to fill walls and doors with graffiti: “Free all political prisoners!” and use all possible forms of protest and gatherings to create pressure to effect the immediate release of prisoners. The lives of political prisoners are in danger. ALL HANDS ON DECK to release them.