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Oct 30 2009

There’s no place for Sharia law in Britain

One Law for All welcomes the October 31 counter-demonstration organised by British Muslims for Secular Democracy against Islam4UK, which is demanding Sharia law for Britain. Islam4UK is a another front organisation for Anjem Choudary’s al-Muhajiroun, which also includes Islamic Council of Britain, Islamic Sharia Court of UK, Society of Muslim Lawyers, London School of Sharia, …

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Oct 29 2009

Laws should safeguard rights not violate them

Sanam writes: Aren’t Sharia courts in Britain only dealing with civil matters? Maryam Namazie responds: Of course the Sharia councils and Muslim Arbitration Tribunals are not sentencing people to death by stoning for sex outside of marriage or hanging apostates like myself from cranes in Trafalgar Square. That is – according to Suhaib Hasan, one …

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Oct 28 2009

It is dangerous to incorporate religious laws

See a video clip of my interview on Sharia Law UK for BBC Our World broadcast early October 2009 responding to why it is dangerous to incorporate religious law:

Oct 27 2009

It is not racist to criticise Islam

Laurie writes: ‘Great isn’t it! I sign your petition and sent the link to friends, liberal freethinkers (like me, I thought) requesting they consider adding their names. I might as well have asked them to join the BNP! If it’s not that then it’s a stony silence and clear indication that there is to be …

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Oct 26 2009

We will have nothing to do with the English Defence League

Tony writes on the One Law for All website: This group should join forces with the English Defence League and help them in their fight against Islamic extremism and Shariah law in the UK. Maryam Namazie responds: One Law for All will never ever join forces with the English Defence League. As I have said …

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Oct 23 2009

One Law for All is against the Beth Din too

James writes: ‘Just signed the petition, very much support it but there is a problem which is that the Jewish community already have the same idea [Jewish Beth Din] and it’s in place and [I understand] legally recognised … if they have it then the argument against Sharia is weakened, the battle needs to widen …

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Oct 22 2009

The pathetic excuse of much of the European Left is no better

Diane writes: Whilst I agree with stopping any form of Sharia Law here, as far as I can see it’s the United Against Fascism group who are in bed with Islamists, not the far right. They defend radical Islam. Maryam Namazie responds: Yes of course Diane, the Left such as the Socialist Workers’ Party and …

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Oct 21 2009

Of course Sharia affects both men and women

Nader from Iran writes: ‘With all respect, the pressure and fear from Sharia is both on men and women. Every man also has to accept and submit as every woman does. Islam is the only religion today that teaches fear as the first lesson. Rule number 1 is fear for all. As such it is …

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Oct 21 2009

Five people were executed in Tehran today

According to reliable sources, Soheila Ghadiri (a woman) and four men were executed in Tehran’s Evin prison early this morning. The execution of the juvenile offender Safar Angooti was postponed for one month. Soheila Ghadiri (30) was convicted of killing her new born baby three years ago. In the court she had said: “I escaped …

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Oct 20 2009

On November 21

Hello As I said in my last email, I am now responding to Sharia-related comments and questions every day of the week until the One Law for All rally on November 21. You can see my responses for this past week below or by visiting the One Law for All website. The responses are entitled …

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Oct 20 2009

Moroccan rights activists deserve our support

‘I’m Betty- Ibtissame LACHGAR, rights activist in Morocco. You have maybe heard about our Movement for Defence of Individual Liberties (MALI) and the buzz in Ramadan? I really want to meet u.’ Maryam Namazie responds: Hi Betty, it would be wonderful to meet you. I’ll be sure to highlight the brilliant work you are doing …

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Oct 20 2009

Juveniles at risk of imminent execution in Iran

A week after the execution of juvenile offender Behnoud Shojaee, three other child offenders are due to be executed in the coming days: Mohammad Reza Haddadi, Safar Angooti, and Amir Amrollahi. The alleged charge is premeditated murder, committed under the legal age. Safar Angooti’s execution is scheduled for 21 October. Safar Angooti, is accused of …

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Oct 19 2009

This is for all of us

Here is my response for today: Sana from Pakistan writes: ‘How lucky u guyz are at least you can protest and voice your opposition against the injustice [of Sharia law]. Pity on us.’ Maryam Namazie responds: Thanks so much for your email Sana. Our protest is just as much against Sharia in Pakistan as it …

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Oct 18 2009

Interview on Sharia law on BBC WM today

I will be interviewed on BBC West Midlands today along with MAT head Siddiqui at around 8am. Tune in if you can.

Oct 17 2009

London Ex-Muslim meet-up’s anniversary

I am going to the one year anniversary of London’s Ex-Muslim meet up group which began with 4 members and now has over 30. If you want to join the group, click here. If you want to start one in your here, contact the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain.

Oct 16 2009

The battle against Sharia is against both the Islamists and the far-right

Here is today’s comment on Sharia. Anwar Rizvi writes: I am a muslim and and i remain fundamentally opposed to shari’a law anywhere in the world. My big worry is that your campaign is being hijacked by the extreme right in this country who are planning not only to attend your demonstration but use it …

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Oct 15 2009

Please don’t export your Islamists, deal with them!

October 15, 2009 Lorraine writes: I saw something in the Daily Express today about a planned demonstration by an organization called Islam4UK for 31st October, in London. It is in support of the demand that full sharia law be introduced throughout Britain, whether for non-Muslims as well as Muslims isn’t clear. I wondered if you …

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Oct 14 2009

Secularism is an important vehicle to protect society

As you now, I am replying to one comment or email a day until Nov 21 rally against Sharia and religious laws. Here is today’s: Danny writes in an email: I have been an avid supporter of your cause – not allowing Sharia law to affect our own. But in your previous e-mail, I felt …

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Oct 13 2009

My act of solidarity with the people of Iran today with other Iran Solidarity activists

Today, Iran Solidarity activists – those who mainly support the various acts and do one themselves if no one shows up – met up to do an act together. Pictured here are Alfonso Ciuffini, Nina Ciuffini, Patty Debonitas, Jalil Jalili, Bahar Milani, Maryam Namazie, and Magnus Nielson. Activists Alice Fuller, Richard Francis, Clare Mcqueenie, Fariborz …

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Oct 13 2009

Islam matters because of political Islam

Margaret writes: I wanted to sign your online petition against Sharia Law in Britain, but the wording has put me off. It says “all religious laws are arbitrary and discriminatory against women and children in particular.” In the case of my own religion this is not so. It may very well be true of some, …

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