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Jul 24 2009

Iran Solidarity calls for all-out support on July 25, global day of action, and every day

Iran Solidarity is calling for people across the world to stand with the people of Iran on July 25 and every day. Since its establishment last week, over 1,000 individuals and organisations have joined Iran Solidarity, including Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Mina Ahadi, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Taslima Nasrin. Its successful launch at the House of …

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Jul 23 2009

On Sohrab Arabi

To see an article on Sohrab and Neda’s murder by the Islamic regime of Iran, in which Maryam Namazie is quoted, click here.

Jul 22 2009

Q&A with Ophelia Benson

The co-author of the new book Does God Hate Women? discusses patriarchy, the burka and capitalism in the New Statesman. ‘What inspired you to write your new book Does God Hate Women? My co-author, Jeremy Stangroom! It was his idea. More broadly though, I’ve been following women’s rights issues at Butterflies and Wheels for about …

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Jul 21 2009

Clear footage of Islamic regime’s security shooting at protesters

Jul 18 2009

They raped, killed and burnt the body of our Taraneh

A blogger has interviewed a friend of Taraneh Mousavi, who we reported on a few days ago. She was last seen being dragged off by the Islamic regime’s security agents. Her burnt body has now been found. Her friend, Sh. Says: ‘Taraneh was very beautiful and very kind; she used to sing with a beautiful …

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Jul 18 2009

A Few Simple Shots

View a full feature film on the regime’s crimes against humanity, here. Maryam Namazie is interviewed on it.

Jul 18 2009

More footage from July 17 protests in Tehran

‘Free political prisoners.’ ‘Dont be afraid, we are all together.’ ‘Down with Dictator’

Jul 17 2009

Millions out on the streets of Tehran today

Millions of people in Tehran are out on the streets protesting against the regime Today Friday 17 July, in various sections of Tehran, we are once again witness to mass demonstrations in Iran. There are reports that there are more than 2 million people giving slogan in the main streets and squares of Tehran. Some …

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Jul 16 2009

Friday 17 July is a day of protest in Iran and other updates

* Countless groups and individuals have been calling on people in Iran to come out on to the streets on Friday 17 July via New Channel TV with slogans including ‘Down with Dictator,’ ‘Down with Khamenei,’ ‘Down with the Islamic regime of Iran,’ and ‘Free all political prisoners.’ People are being asked to come out …

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Jul 15 2009

Maryam speaking in Lancashire today

Date: July 15, 2009 Time: 8:00-9:30pm Venue: The Village Centre, 59 High Street,The Square,Great Eccleston. (Nr Preston). PR3 0YB Organisation Hosting: Lancashire Secular Humanists Maryam Namazie will speak about the One Law for All campaign Contact: Ian Abbott, [email protected]

Jul 15 2009

Update: more dead or feared dead

Yaqoob Barvaieh, 27, born in Ahwaz, died at hospital today. He was shot on 25 June by a basiji from the rooftop of Lowlagar Mosque in Tehran. He was an MA student in performing arts. Taraneh Mousavi (left), 28, was among hundreds arrested on June 19, 2009. Since than her family has had no news …

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Jul 14 2009

Iran Solidarity launch a success!

To see video footage of the launch, visit Iran Solidarity’s website or blog.

Jul 13 2009

Sohrab was buried today

19 year old Sohrab was buried today in Behesht e Zahra cemetery. His family had no news about his whereabouts for 26 days. The regime’s security said no slogans were allowed and made the family end the ceremony quickly. Mourners went back to the family’s home afterwards. Here is film footage of his mother saying: …

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Jul 13 2009

Today Launch of Iran Solidarity

Iran Solidarity is to be launched today from 1230-1330 at the House of Lords.

Jul 12 2009

19 year old Sohrab Arabi killed by the Islamic regime of Iran

19 year old Sohrab Arabi is another youth killed by the regime. He disappeared after joining the June 15 protests in Tehran. His mother had been searching for him and had been had been told he was in Evin prison where she can been seen in a video footage (with a purple scarf) asking about …

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Jul 10 2009

Khamenei must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity

July 8, 2009 Mr Luis Moreno–Ocampo The Prosecutor International Criminal Court Information and Evidence Unit Office of the Prosecutor Post Office Box 19519 2500 CM The Hague The Netherlands Dear Mr Luis Moreno–Ocampo I am writing on behalf of the people of Iran to call on the International Criminal Court to prosecute the Islamic Republic …

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Jul 09 2009

18 Tir anniversary – an international day of protest

18 Tir (July 9) was the start of the movement to overthrow the regime; June 2009 has been the start of the revolution! Join protests in various cities across the globe and support the people of Iran in their movement to overthrow the regime. To see live blogging of the day, go to WPI’s Blog.

Jul 07 2009

Iran Solidarity!

Iran Solidarity is to be officially launched on Monday July 13, 2009 from 12:30-1:30pm in the House of Commons in London. The organisation will be established to organise solidarity for the people of Iran in opposition to the Islamic regime of Iran. To RSVP for the launch, please contact Maryam Namazie, Tel: +44 (0) 7719166731. …

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Jul 06 2009

No comment needed

Jul 06 2009

News Update

From WPI Press Centre Yesterday there was a gathering of several hundred family members at Evin Prison in Tehran calling for the release of their children and asking about their whereabouts. The families began shouting slogans and protesting when denied information. Ghazi Heydarifar, an official of the regime, took out his weapon and threatened them …

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