Jun 22 2009

Continue to send solidarity messages to the people of Iran

Read some of the solidarity messages we have received so far. Send your messages to us so we can read it out on New Channel TV.

They need your solidarity and support!


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  1. 1
    Cristina Cattaneo

    Iran is a worderful country, and so are Iranian people. They deserve better than this!
    With love
    Anna Carbich (Switzerland)

  2. 2
    Frank Partisan

    Next a revolutionary representative governing body, elected from each school, factory etc. needs to be set up, to coordinate events.

  3. 3

    We in the USA are heartbroken at seeing some of the things we've seen, but amazed at your bravery. [If we get involved things will be 1000000 times worse!] This is your struggle to break out of mad theocracy/dictatorship, and into the present century to free yourselves. They will try to kill you in the most primitive of ways.. and they will try to demoralize you in the most modern of ways, but the world SEES YOU. We send love and pray for justice to emerge there. I truly believe it will, this force that is YOU will re-balance your people and home. Just know that our spirits are with yours.

  4. 4

    Disgraceful acts of repression and murder carried out by the state. All shoulders are needed to the wheel on this one

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