On IWD, Labour Rights, British government’s policy on extremism and Geert Wilders

This week’s TV International programme

To see TV International programme segment on International Women’s Day 2009 in Iran, Britain and elsewhere, its significance and the women’s liberation movement against political Islam, click here.

To see TV International programme on the teachers’ strike, flogging of women May Day labour activists, the death sentence of teacher Farzad Kamangar, in Iran, click here.

To see TV International programme on Hazel Blears and British government policy towards Islamic extremism, Geert Wilders and freedom of expression, click here.


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    Maryam, I watched the video on the British governments policy towards Islam and Gert Wilder….I agree with most of what both of you say, and would like to add that, be it the British government of the USA, it is not in their interest to destroy Political Islam. On the contrary, it is a very effective tool for them to continue with their hegemony over some parts of the world. Namely the Muslim world… Basically, in my opinion, it is an advantage for them to have a system (Political Islam) which keeps women oppressed, stifles freedom of speech and keeps individuals as “believers”, so they do not ask real questions… In a way, believing in God and Sharia Law is a great way to keep masses in tact…

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