Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 28 2009

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WPI Briefing 208 February 28, 2009 Monthly of the Worker-communist Party of Iran Editors: Maryam Namazie and Fariborz Pooya Layout: Babak Kasrayi In this Issue: * The History of the Undefeated, A few words in commemoration of the 1979 Revolution, Mansoor Hekmat * On the Fight against Religion, Radio International interview with Mansoor Hekmat * …

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Feb 24 2009

The problem with Sharia law in Britain

Fariborz Pooya interviews Maryam Namazie and Bahram Soroush on Secular TV on Sharia law in Britain and the One Law for All Campaign against Sharia Law in Britain. To watch part 1, click here. To watch part 2, click here. To watch part 3, click here.

Feb 22 2009

Is Islam an intolerant religion

To hear Maryam discuss whether Islam is an intolerant religion on BBC One’s Big Questions on 22 February, 2009 , click here. It seems people who live outside of the UK can’t see the BBC link; the programme is also available on youtube.

Feb 21 2009

Act now to defend labour leaders in Iran

On Sunday, 22 February, there is going to be a court hearing in Iran at which the fate of five jailed labour leaders may be decided.Those men have been charged with “acting against national security” and face potentially long prison sentences. Their only crime was to do their job as labour activists. We have only …

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Feb 20 2009

Two women labour activists flogged in Iran – their crime celebrating May Day

Two Iranian women labour activists, convicted of participating in May Day celebrations, have been punished by flogging in Iran. According to local sources, on 18 February, Sussan Razani and Shiva Kheirabadi were flogged inside the central prison in Sanandaj, capital of the Iranian Kurdistan province. Razani was flogged 70 lashes and Kheirabadi received 15 lashes. …

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Feb 18 2009

We had to flee to escape Sharia

To listen to Maryam Namazie’s Another Thought for the Day for February 18, 2009 on Sharia on The Guardian’s Comment is Free site, click here. This is a series of podcasts offering a secular alternative to the BBC Today programme’s Thought for the Day, in association with the Humanist Society of Scotland. You can see …

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Feb 18 2009

Equal Rights Now’s third publication

To view Equal Rights Now’s third publication, click here.

Feb 12 2009

Pegah has finally been given refuge

We have just informed that Pegah Emambakhsh, an Iranian lesbian, has finally been granted refugee status in the UK after almost four years. This is fantastic news and a great reward for all the hard work you all Iranian queer supporters put in to ensure she was not sent back to Iran. IRanian Queer Railroad …

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Feb 11 2009

A few words in commemoration of the 1979 Revolution

The History of the Undefeated Mansoor Hekmat This article is being reprinted to mark the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution. It is said that in recent years, a process of ‘review’ has been taking place among revolutionaries and the leftist opposition of Iran. A glance at the numerous publications, which this grouping publishes particularly …

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Feb 11 2009

Newspaper launches alternative Thought for the Day

Called “Another Thought for the Day”, the Thoughts will be available as podcasts on the newspaper’s website. To read more about it, click here.

Feb 05 2009

Bahman Salimian is to be executed in Iran today

Mohammad Mostafaei, a prominent lawyer working on child execution cases reported that Bahman Salimian, a minor on death row, is in imminent danger of execution. He is scheduled to be executed on February 5th in Iran. 150 lawyers have written an open letter to Iran’s head of Judicary Ayatollah Shahroudi demanding a stay of execution …

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Feb 04 2009

On Iranian art and film

Listen to Fariborz Pooya speaking about Iranian art and film on Nightwave BBC Radio 3 from 26 minutes onwards by clicking here.

Feb 04 2009

Unveiled No. 2; Join the struggle against sexual apartheid and sharia

Unveiled No. 2, January 31, 2009 Publication of Equal Rights Now – Organisation against Women’s Discrimination in Iran Editor: Maryam Namazie Thirty years of struggle for freedom and equality Sohaila Sharifi There is a short video clip on some websites showing Iranian women’s 1979 historic march on International Women’s Day. Each time I watch this …

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Feb 02 2009

WPI Briefing 207: Palestinian people: victims of two terrorist camps

Palestinian people: victims of two terrorist camps New Channel TV’s interview with Hamid Taqvaee on the massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza Nasser Asqary: Israel continues its mass killings in Gaza. Political Islamic forces, including the regime in Iran, have seized on the opportunity to promote their propaganda and shed crocodile tears for the Palestinian …

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