Monthly Archive: January 2009

Jan 28 2009

Join March 7 events against Sharia and Religious-based Tribunals in Britain and elsewhere

In commemoration of International Women’s Day join the One Law for All organised rally, public meeting and art competition award ceremony on Saturday, March 7, 2009 in London. This is your chance to voice your opposition to Sharia law and all religious-based tribunals in Britain and elsewhere, demand one secular law and full citizenship rights, …

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Jan 16 2009

Every three hours, one child is killed in Gaza

Today, my toddler woke up; wanted tummy; ate cereal; watched Go Diego Go; played with his cars; ran all around the house to avoid being dressed and washed; dodged his hairbrush; ran out of the house and straight up the tree in front; climbed down reluctantly; took his Mr Men umbrella and began walking towards …

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Jan 16 2009

Without Comment: On the Veil

Iran: Poster says: Sisters, the Hijab is a Protection not a Restriction.

Jan 15 2009

Maryam on Leiceister Radio speaking on Sharia Law

To listen to my interview on One Law for All Campaign against Sharia Law in Britain on BBC Leicester, January 15, 2009, click here. It is from 1:13:36 – 1:18:14.

Jan 15 2009

More on the Israeli assault on Gaza

To see Maryam’s 15 January interview with Fariborz Pooya and Bahram Soroush on the Israeli assault on Gaza, click here.

Jan 14 2009

What is the problem with faith schools

Maryam spoke at the NUT meeting today from 7pm at Unit 3B Pilot House, King St, Leicester. She also did a couple of interviews on faith schools and sharia courts. Links to follow.

Jan 09 2009

March 7 in London: A day against Sharia Law and Religious-based courts

Thought me and my friends were the only ones until you came on 5Live the other day. Never thought my generation would ever come with such a creative group. So long as you are not anti-Muslim, I’m with you. Standing up against faith based “justice” is brave and necessary. Thank you for your campaign. You …

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Jan 07 2009

TV INTL: Israeli attack on Gaza, Ahmadinejad’s address on Channel 4, Press TV and more

To see my January 8, 2009 TV International English programme, click here. In this programme I speak to Fariborz Pooya and Hamid Taqvaee on the Israeli attack on Gaza, Ahmadinejad’s New Year address on Channel 4, imprisoned students and a letter from Farzad Kamangar on death row in Iran, and the Islamic regime of Iran’s …

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Jan 05 2009

Let my heart keep beating!

Farzad Kamangar is a 33-year-old teacher, human rights activist and journalist. He was a teacher in rural areas of Iranian Kurdistan. Prior to his arrest in August 2006, he taught in the town of Kamyaran, Kurdistan. He has been subjected to the most brutal physical and emotional tortures since his arrest. Farzad Kamangar has been …

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Jan 04 2009


STOP THIS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! Since the morning of Saturday, December 27, Israeli forces have been carrying out massive, unprecedented attacks against Hamas strategic points in Gaza City as well as the Palestinian refugee camps. As a result, the lives and livelihoods of many people have been destroyed. During the air raids on Saturday more …

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