Monthly Archive: November 2007

Nov 29 2007

Leila’s story

Sold into prostitution aged 9, then saved from execution at 18, Leila now 22 tells her life story for the first time. To listen, click here.

Nov 22 2007

More Islamic [In]justice in Saudi Arabia

The gang rape victim who has become known as the ‘girl from Al Qatif’ has been sentenced to 200 lashes and a 6-month prison term in Saudi Arabia for being alone with a member of the opposite sex who was not an immediate family member before she was raped. To find out more about this …

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Nov 19 2007


This Tuesday November 20, 13.00-14.30 Maryam Namazie will be speaking on a panel entitled: ISLAM, REIGIOUS DIVERSITY AND UNIVERSAL RIGHTS IN MULTI ETHNIC DEMOCRACIES in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2005, the British parliament was very close to passing a law against “religious hatred”. In the spring of 2006 the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a …

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Nov 19 2007

New Council of Ex-Muslims Forum

Thanks to Sahara, Wisehaven, Abuali, Osmanthus and Matt, the Council of Ex-Muslims has a brilliant new forum! Visit it and join up to discuss, debate and chat.

Nov 15 2007

27 year old Zahra Bani Ameri hangs herself in prison

27 year old Zahra Bani Ameri – a medical student – committed suicide in a Hamedan Province prison two days after she was arrested on November 11 in a park for being there with a man.

Nov 12 2007

All up and running now

Just to tell you that my website is up and running now. It doesn’t have all the latest updates but I will do that soon. Also my old email address is working fine now. Please resend anything that you sent and bounced back the past few days.

Nov 09 2007

If you need to contact me…

FYI, my website is down as is my email address so if you need to contact me, use this email for now.

Nov 07 2007

Arrest of Haft Tape sugar factory workers

November 07, 2007 To: Worker organizations and unions all around the world The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has started to arrest striking Haft-Tape workers! The workers demand international support! On Monday, November 5th one of the workers of Haft-Tape Sugar Factory naming Qorban (Ramazan) Alipour was arrested by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and …

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Nov 07 2007

Delaram Ali to Receive Lashings and Serve Prison Term of 2 Years 6 Months

Delaram Ali has been sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison and 10 lashes by the Islamic regime of Iran for her participation in the June 12, 2006 protest in support of women’s rights in Haft Tir Square which was violently attacked by the regime’s security forces. She was beaten during the protest, …

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Nov 05 2007

Funding Islamic organisations support political Islam

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain 5 November 2007 It is outrageous that the British Government is to hand out public money to Islamic organisations, and that taxpayers should help train clerics and fund madrassas, which are in effect sectarian schools and recruiting grounds for political Islam. It is insulting that Hazel Blears sees this as …

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Nov 02 2007

Beyond Belief

To read an article in the Big Issue in the North entitled Beyond Belief, click here.