Monthly Archive: September 2007

Sep 26 2007

October 10: International Day against Death Penalty in Iran and the world

Sep 25 2007

Against the Fatwa, In Defense of Freedom

Communiqué about the Death Threat against Gunter Wallraff The Islamists have threatened Gunter Wallraff, the German writer and critique, to death. In an Internet site that supports al-Qaeda and exhibits videos about beheadings it is said: “This person (Gunter Wallraff) has launched a new attack against Islam. He wants to recite a part of the …

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Sep 25 2007


On Sunday 30 September from 1430-1700, Maryam Namazie will be the keynote speaker at the ANNUAL REUNION OF THE KINDRED HUMANIST SOCIETIES being held at Conway Hall, London. There will be music by Esther Williams, Piano. Refreshments will be available. All members and friends are welcome.

Sep 20 2007

A new brand of non-believers

To read the article on ABC News published on September 20, click here.

Sep 20 2007

Stop Child Executions

To support a campaign to stop child executions in Iran, click here.

Sep 17 2007

Borders Exist To Be Crossed

A shorter version of the below article was published in issue 20 of Gallerie. Borders Exist To Be Crossed Anthony McIntyre As I write it is the 26th anniversary of the death of IRA hunger striker, Bobby Sands. His tenacity and endurance in the face of ponderous adversity has inspired many souls throughout the globe …

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Sep 17 2007

In Europe and U.S., Nonbelievers Are Increasingly Vocal

To see the Washington Post article on nonbelievers and atheists, click here.

Sep 12 2007

The challenge of the Ex-Muslim Councils to political Islam

Political Islam is this era’s totalitarianism aimed at bringing and maintaining Islamic laws, schools and states where possible. To the extent and degree it has power – that is the extent and degree to which it controls every single aspect of people lives and society. And since its rules and system are divinely ordained, they …

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Sep 11 2007

Launch of Committee of Ex-Muslims in Holland

To see coverage of today’s press conference in The Hague with Ehsan Jami, Mina Ahadi and myself, click here. To see pictures, click here.

Sep 10 2007

The veil, political Islam, toleration and Islamic holocaust

To hear an interview with me on Icelandic state TV on September 5, click here. My visit was also covered in all the papers there and on radio. I will put links up a little later.

Sep 03 2007

Out and about

I will be travelling and out of London until September 13. First, I will be going to Reykjavik, Iceland where I will be speaking on Wednesday Sept. 5th from 12:00-13:00 at the Women’s Rights Alliance on the veil, women’s rights and Islamic laws and at the Institute of International Affairs of the University of Iceland …

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