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Jul 27 2007

Yes very friendly indeed

Someone recently emailed me an interview with Moroccan Islamist Nadia Yassine, published in Speigel online on July 3, entitled ‘our religion is friendly to women’. Here are some recent examples of this ‘friendliness’: Ali Khamenei, the Islamic regime of Iran’s ‘supreme spiritual leader’ said women’s rights activists should not try to change Islamic laws relating …

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Jul 27 2007

Not very futile

The July 30 issue of The Nation magazine has published in-depth interviews with 50 US veterans of the Iraq war describing the US military’s heinous, callous and systematic acts of inhumanity and brutality against the people of Iraq. According to the one, thousands of raids have taken place on private homes, at dead of night, …

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Jul 26 2007

Islam and BBC 2′s Newsnight

I was on BBC 2 TV’s Newsnight programme discussing Islam with Benazir Bhutto, Reza Aslan and Sheikh Omar Bakri. You can see it on their site for another 24 hours.

Jul 24 2007

New Channel TV and TV International to begin again

Good news! New Channel TV, on which TV International has a programme in English, will begin work again from 25 July after being off air for many months. The programme will be available for viewing across the world via Hot Bird satellite 8 on 12303 megahertz frequency, and will also be available on the internet. …

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Jul 23 2007

Your support is needed today

Dear Friends, The Islamic regime in Iran has launched a campaign of arrests, kidnapping, executions and stoning to death in an attempt to drive back the ongoing protests, strikes and demonstrations in Iran by creating a climate of terror and fear. We are calling on all labour and human rights organisations around the world to …

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Jul 20 2007

Stop execution of Sina Paymard

To support the campaign against the execution of Sina Paymard and child executions in Iran, click here.

Jul 19 2007

Join campaign against the atrocities of the Islamic regime in Iran

To sign the petition against the recent atrocities of the Islamic regime in Iran, click here.

Jul 19 2007

Political prisoners in Iran need your support!

We have been contacted by the political prisoners in Iran and have been asked to act on their behalf for their immediate release from prison. This has been the result of our committees’ constant and tireless efforts and struggle, alongside the people of Iran to release all political prisoners in Iran. The Islamic regime of …

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Jul 19 2007

Le Monde Blog – One woman band?

To see a piece on the Le Monde Blog, click here.

Jul 17 2007

ABC Radio Australia and the Council of Ex-Muslims

Maryam was interviewed on ABC radio today regarding the Council of Ex-Muslims. To listen to the interview, click here.

Jul 14 2007

Women’s status and liberation movement in Iran

Maryam was interviewed on Sky news today discussing the status of women in Iran and their resistance.

Jul 11 2007

Free Osanloo today!

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) has received word that Mansour Osanloo was kidnapped on 10th July in Tehran by unknown persons at approximately 7pm local time. Mansour Osanloo, President of the ITF-affiliated bus workers’ union, Sandikaye Kargarane Sherkate Vahed (Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company), was being followed all day by …

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Jul 10 2007

Nothing but rage against this Islamic barbarity

No, No, No… According to Asriran, Jafar Kiana, 47, was stoned to death in Aghche-kand, Qazvin province, on Thursday 5 July. The Committee against Stoning and Amnesty International are urging people to continue campaigning on behalf of his partner, Mokarrameh Ebrahimi, 43. The two had spent more than 11 years in prison for having an …

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Jul 10 2007

Trade Unionist Mahmoud Salehi seriously ill in prison in Iran

Trade union activist Mahmoud Salehi, who has been imprisoned since 9 April, is seriously ill and is not receiving the specialist medical treatment that he requires. Mahmoud Salehi is the Spokesperson for the Organisational Committee to Establish Trade Unions, former President of the Saqez Bakery Workers’ Association, and co-founder of the Coordinating Committee to Form …

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Jul 10 2007

Iran, the last executioner of children

To see Amnesty International’s report entitled: Iran, the last executioner of children, click here.

Jul 09 2007

Demand the release of political prisoners today

On the Anniversary of 18 Tir (July 9) Demand the Release of Political Prisoners Mahmoud Salehi, imprisoned Polytechnic students, and all political prisoners must be released immediately! 18th to 22nd of Tir (July 9-15) 1999, “the six days that shook the Islamic Republic of Iran,” was the beginning of a renewed movement of people of …

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Jul 09 2007

Discussion on BBC Asian Network

Listen to my discussion with Nihal on today’s BBC Asian Network as well as with callers on the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, Islam and political Islam by clicking here. I am on during the last half hour of the programme.

Jul 09 2007

Abolish Blasphemy Laws

Council of Europe says religious groups should be protected from violence but not from criticism – and blasphemy laws should be abolished everywhere! From the National Secular Society’s Newsline The Council of Europe passed a resolution last week calling on member states to repeal all laws relating to blasphemy. It also said that religious groups …

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Jul 05 2007

On the Council of Ex-Muslims

To hear a report on the Council of Ex-Muslims on the Guardian’s Islamophonic for June 28 with myself and activist Sohaila sharifi, click here.

Jul 04 2007

In commemoration of Mansoor Hekmat

Mansoor Hekmat, the great Marxist thinker and leader of the worker-communist movement and parties, not only represents a former generation of the undefeated of the Iranian revolution of 1979, but today, he also represents a new generation struggling against the Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic reaction. And he represents not just a generation in …

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