Monthly Archive: April 2007

Apr 12 2007

Neither war nor nuclear weapons!

To sign the below petition, click here. We, the undersigned, are writing to express our strongest opposition to a US attack or economic sanctions on Iran. These will have devastating consequences for the people of Iran whilst strengthening the Islamic Republic of Iran and further devastating the Middle East. We will not tolerate another Iraq. …

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Apr 12 2007

Islamists turn UN human rights body into a laughing stock

From the National Secular Society Last week the United Nations’ Human Rights Council condemned “defamation” of religion, and called upon member states to ban literature and other materials containing “racist or xenophobic ideas” that might lead to hostility against religious groups – although Islam is the only religion mentioned in the resolution. Islamic states joined …

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Apr 10 2007

Mahmood Salehi, leading labour activist, arrested

Mahmood Salehi, a leading labour activist from the city of Saghez, was re-arrested on Monday April 9 by the Islamic regime’s security forces. Salehi who was at work at the time was taken during his lunch break by armed security forces to the public prosecutor’s office regarding his bail on charges of organizing May Day …

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Apr 08 2007

In defence of Taslima Nasreen

To defend Taslima Nasreen, sign the below petition by clicking here: We, the undersigned, are writing to register our strongest protest at yet more death threats made against writer, humanist, secularist and human rights activist Taslima Nasreen. This time, Taqi Raza Khan the president of an Islamic group, the All-India Ibtehad Council, has offered a …

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Apr 07 2007

Save Iranian asylum seekers Parisa and her 4 year old daughter!

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