The Islamic regime backs down from executing Nazanin

The International Comittee Against Execution has reported that Nazanin’s trial has taken place. It was delayed from 10:30AM to 12:30PM, in part due to the fact that so many people showed up in support of Nazanin’s campaign. They were required to move court rooms. Normally in a case like this, 10-15 people show up. But today, 200-300 came to support Nazanin and there were many news reporters present. The judges declared that Nazanin had not committed murder; Nazanin’s lawyer, Shadi Sadr, said that we must remain cautious until the written verdict is provided in a few days time.

Clearly, though, the pressure has succeeded in pushing back the regime and saving Nazanin’s life.

To see pictures of Nazanin’s trial, click here.


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