Monthly Archive: November 2006

Nov 29 2006

Women’s Right to Equality

See article in The Australian, which quotes my piece on the veil by clicking here. BTW, thanks for all the comments you have made here, in other blogs and or via email. I will discuss the points you have raised along with those in the above article in my next TV programme.

Nov 28 2006

Islamists’ slippery debates, US foreign policy towards Iran, Zahra Kamalfar and Mostafa Tabatabainejad

See TV International by clicking here. In this week’s programme, I interview: Fariborz Pooya on Islamists’ slippery debates on rights and choice in the west Hamid Taqvaee on changes in US foreign policy towards Iran Farshad Husseini on Zahra Kamalfar and her children’s languishing in a Moscow airport And show a clip on the police …

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Nov 25 2006

Mansoor Ossanlou re-arrested

PRESS RELEASE 19 November 2006 At 8am today (local time), Mansoor Ossanlou, President of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (“Sherkat e Vahed”), was arrested in Tehran. Ebrahim Madadi, union Vice President who was with Mansoor Ossanlou at the time of the arrest, was reportedly beaten up by the plain clothes’ …

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Nov 25 2006

7 women at risk of stoning

7 women are at risk of imminent execution by stoning in Iran. Sign the petition against it by clicking here. This outrage has to be stopped now!

Nov 23 2006

‘Beyond the Veil: Perspectives on Muslim Women in a Western Secular Context’

It is crucial to speak about the rights of ‘Muslim’ women, go beyond the issue of the veil, and talk about secularism, particularly in light of the political Islamic movement’s assault on women and their rights, but restricting the debate in this way is seriously flawed. Firstly, the so-called grouping of Muslim women is a …

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Nov 22 2006

Challenges to Zahra Kamalfar’s imminent deportation to Iran

Moments of resistance Latest Update from Farshad Hoseini, Executive Director of the International Federation of Iranian Refugees Today was a very important day in the life of Zahra Kamalfar and her children who have been languishing in Moscow’s airport for some time now. It was like a hidden war between a mother and her two …

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Nov 21 2006

Saddam Hussein, Veil and US elections

To see this week’s TV International Programme, click here. The programme interviews: ● Sohaila Sharifi (a survivor of chemical bombardment in Iraq) on her grievance against Saddam Hussein and her opposition to his execution ● Clip of Maryam Namazie’s debate with Islamists on More4 TV on Muslims and Islam in Britain ● Interview with Azar …

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Nov 14 2006

Ban Child Veiling

See Reza Moradi’s brilliant animation calling for a ban on child veiling by clicking here. If you want to know, why child veiling should be banned, read my article on it by clicking here.

Nov 12 2006

On ‘Muslims’ in Britain, the Veil and Secularism

On November 10, Maryam Namazie took part in a debate on ‘Muslim in Britain’ on David Starkey’s Last Word on More4 with two Islamists from the Muslim Council of Britain and Hizb ul Tahrir. More to follow on the programme. However, for now, to see a clip of the programme, click here. On Monday 13th …

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Nov 06 2006

Certainly not justice: on Saddam Hussein’s execution

Clearly, Saddam Hussein has committed crimes against humanity and acts of genocide – many of them whilst on the payroll of western governments. He must be held accountable and justice must be served but not in this way. Not in a sham victor’s court. And not the death penalty. In a country which has been …

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Nov 05 2006

In pursuit of Khatami, a wanted man

The visit to the UK of Khatami, the ex-president of the Islamic regime of Iran, was an attempt by the British government and its cohorts in academia and foreign policy think tanks to promote a kinder gentler Islam with Khatami as the poster boy. They failed in their attempt to cover up the ugly face …

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Nov 05 2006

Radio Interview on Khatami’s visit to the UK

Listen to the coverage of protests to Khatami’s visit, here.

Nov 02 2006

Hundreds protest against Khatami’s visit to Chatham House

To see more pictures from the demonstration at Chatham House, London, in opposition to Khatami’s invitation there, click here.

Nov 01 2006

Update on Protest at St. Andrew’s University

The protest was covered in several papers: The Herald The Guardian International Herald Tribune Jerusalem Post The West Australian A couple of media outlets also pictured Sirvan Qaderi at the protest including the BBC and Scotsman: For those who live in London, hope to see you at the demo today at Chatham House.

Nov 01 2006

Wanted: Khatami