Monthly Archive: September 2006

Sep 30 2006

Women’s rights activists manhandled by Stop the War Coalition organisers in the demonstration in Manchester

On Saturday 23rd of September, during the Labour Party’s conference, a demonstration against war was held in Manchester. Tens of thousands of people gathered on the streets of Manchester to protest against the war, to condemn the US/UK policies towards Iraq and Iran and to demand withdrawal of the troop from Iraq. During the demonstration …

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Sep 20 2006

It’s not relative

To see an article of mine published in the Catalyst, click here.

Sep 15 2006

Save Kobra Rahmanpour from Execution now!

An open letter To all noble humans, and all human right defender bodies I, Abolfazl Rahmanpour, the father of Kobra Rahmanpour pledge you to protest to the unfair sentence of my young daughter. Kobra, my young daughter, was forced to marry a man, 43 years older than herself. Kobra was a good student in her …

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Sep 14 2006

The Third Camp is about Real Lives

Interview with Hamid Taqvaee Third Camp TV Maryam Namazie: You wrote the Manifesto of the Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism, which many people are now supporting. Why did you feel the need to write it? Hamid Taqvaee: If you have a look at the political situation of our era, it seems that …

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Sep 06 2006

Cultural Relativists have it all wrong!

Rights trump culture & religion Cultural relativism is not only a prescription for inaction and passivity in the face of the oppression of millions of people struggling and resisting in the Middle East and here in the west but is in fact racist in and of itself September 6, 2006 iranian.com Cultural relativism and its …

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Sep 04 2006

Watch TV International English and Third Camp TV

You can watch TV International, broadcast on New Channel TV today by clicking here. In this week’s programme, I interview: ● Babak Yazdi on the massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1988 in Iran ● Hamid Taqvaee on Khatami’s visit to the USA ● Sohaila Sharifi on the campaign to collect a million …

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Sep 01 2006

One of the largest massacres of political prisoners in recent history

Interview with Asqar Karimi WPI Briefing: During 27 July 1988 (5 Mordad 1367) until the beginnings of September (Shahrivar) that year, the Islamic regime of Iran carried out one of the largest massacres of political prisoners in recent history. What happened; how many were killed and why? Asqar Karimi: In a matter of weeks an …

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