Monthly Archive: August 2006

Aug 30 2006

Khatami is a criminal!

He must be arrested and put on trial! Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami has been invited by the Centre for Global Justice to visit the United States of America for a series of speeches and dialogues. He is to speak at the Washington National Cathedral and possibly Harvard and Virginia universities. He is also to …

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Aug 18 2006

Islamic family law in Britian would be disastrous

Imposing Islamic family law in Britain will be disastrous for women and children in particular. Islamic family law has been a pillar in the oppression of women in Islamist societies. Much of the struggle for women’s rights in countries like Iran has taken shape against it. Islamic family law will only increase violence, intimidation and …

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Aug 15 2006

So who won?

All we keep hearing after today’s (albeit temporary) truce went into effect is who managed to win in the Israeli war on Lebanon. Was it Israeli state or Hezbollahi terrorism they ask and ask and comment on. One look at 13 day old baby Waad lying dead in her mother’s clutches, though, is enough to …

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Aug 14 2006

The execution of sweet 16 Atefeh

Have you seen the film on the outrageous execution of sweet 16 Atefeh by the Islamic Republic of Iran? If not, click here to see it. Here’s what I wrote when I first heard of her hanging two years ago… No, she was not mad Maryam Namazie Published in WPI Briefing August 24, 2004 16 …

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Aug 14 2006

Anthony McIntyre’s piece on the third camp

To read Anthony McIntyre’s piece on the Third Camp in the Blanket, click here.

Aug 10 2006

Release Ahmad Batebi now!

To human rights organizations and freedom lovers around the globe About the critical condition of a political prisoner in Iran Ahmad Batebi is one of many political prisoners in Iran. He was arrested in 1999 when a student demonstration was brutally attacked by Iranian police forces. His “crime” was holding up a bloody shirt belonging …

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Aug 10 2006

A comment on the Third Camp

Take a look at Daniel Davies’ piece on the Third Camp Manifesto in today’s Comment is Free section of the Guardian by clicking here. Maryam Namazie

Aug 09 2006

Mansoor Ossanlou released!

Mansoor Ossanlou, the jailed president of Tehran’s bus workers’ union (the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company), was released at 3.30 pm local time today, 9th August, after spending over seven and a half months in prison. He was warmly greeted by his family and colleagues. Ossanlou’s release comes following seven …

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Aug 08 2006

View TV International English and Third Camp TV

I have started my TV programme again. I am sorry about not producing one for several months but there were a string of difficulties that have now been rectified. In any case, click here to see this week’s hour long programme. I have also started another half hour programme called Third Camp TV. You can …

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Aug 02 2006

Join the Third Camp in opposition to both poles of terrorism

War, or murder, rather, has once again rendered it an urgent necessity for the humanist and freedom loving people of the world to rally around the banner of a third camp – the camp of freedom, equality, and humanity. The two poles of terrorism have shed the blood of innocent people and destroyed their lives …

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