Monthly Archive: May 2006

May 31 2006

Thanks from Reza Moradi

Reza Moradi (who was questioned by police at the March for Free Expression demo at Trafalgar Square and told a summons would be issued for his having insulted a person at the rally because his plackard had some of the Mohammad caricatures on it) writes: Thanks for your emails and questions regarding my situation. To …

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May 30 2006

Manifesto of the Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism

The present conflict between the Western governments and the Islamic Republic of Iran can have disastrous human, political and social consequences. The terrible experience of Iraq has shown to all the catastrophes that can result from economic sanctions and a military attack. Deterioration of living conditions, economic plight, death, destruction and displacement of people, and …

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May 24 2006

A short biography

Have a look at a short biography Reza Moradi made recently: http://www.maryamnamazie.com/audvid/ITV_Biography_Maryam-Namazie_24May2006.wmv

May 23 2006

In Support of Ayaan

The fact that Ayaan Hirsci Ali lied on her asylum application is irrelevant – even if she had not said so herself several years ago. Prior to the New World Order and its criminalisation of asylum seekers and refugees, it was a given that many would be forced to change their identities; moreover, where a …

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May 22 2006

Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali

To sign on to the below petition to support Ayaan Hirsi Ali, click here. The misinformation on Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s application for asylum is not a new tactic for desperate refugees, nor is it new about Ayaan, however the Dutch government has just recently decided to use this public information about Ayaan as a pretext …

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May 04 2006

Should Iran be Bombed and Should Religion have a role on Society – Of course not!

You can see me on the More4 TV programme, The Last Word, with Mathew Parris, journalist and author, and Johann Hari, columnist for the Independent, discussing whether Iran should be bombed (of course not!) and the monarchy with host David Starkey on http://www.maryamnamazie.com/audvid/last%20talk%20internet%20file.wmv. It was broadcast on April 19. Also see my discussion with Stephen …

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May 02 2006

May Day rallies in Tehran and Sanandaj attacked; at least 17 arrested

Iran May Day Update 2, Monday 1 May 2006 The May Day rallies in Tehran and Sanandaj have come under attack by the Iranian security forces. At least 17 demonstrators, among them members of the executive board of Tehran bus workers’ union, have been arrested. In the rally in Tehran, called by the bus workers’ …

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May 01 2006

Long Live May Day