Monthly Archive: February 2006

Feb 28 2006

I kid you not

In an interview with Algerian El Khabar newspaper in Arabic, George Galloway, the Respect MP, says the Mohammad caricatures are worse than the murder of innocent civilians on 11 September in New York and July 7 in London! Silly me; I always thought slaughtering civilians was somehow worse than offending them… I guess it takes …

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Feb 27 2006

Sound familiar?

Elham Afroutan who was arrested on 29 January 2006 with six colleagues for the republication of an anonymous satirical piece in a local Iranian publication called Tammadon-e Hormozgan is reportedly in a coma or has died in the custody of the Islamic regime of Iran. She and the others were arrested for a piece entitled …

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Feb 20 2006

Human beings first!

In this day and age it is supposedley no longer the individual but religion that is guaranteed rights, equality, tolerance, respect…And most often at the expense of individuals. The concept of rights, equality, respect and tolerance were concepts raised vis-à-vis the individual not beliefs. But today, it seems mainly applicable to the latter. We are …

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Feb 10 2006

Just a normal Islamic sheikh

Islamic cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri has been jailed for seven years in the UK after being found guilty of inciting murder and race hate. In a television interview, his son said something to the effect of: Abu Hamza is just a normal Islamic sheikh. My sentiments exactly!

Feb 07 2006

Islam must be criticised!

It’s interesting how free speech, the right to criticise and ridicule god, prophet or religion, the separation of religion from the state and secularism as well as the non-right to threaten to kill, suicide bomb and massacre people are not applicable to Islamists and Islam! I must admit, those of us who have fled the …

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Feb 04 2006

Defend Free Speech and Secularism

I’ve set up a petition on petitiononline in defence of free speech and secularism. The text reads as follows: We, the undersigned, unequivocally condemn the threats of death and bombings by Islamists to limit, censor and silence any critique of Islam. Criticism of religion – any religion – including caricaturing religious figures, however offensive, are …

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Feb 03 2006

Offensive, Shmoffensive

An email I received says my blog and the reprinting of the caricatures of Mohammad are insulting and offensive. Of course they can be offensive to those who feel their strongly held beliefs or their representatives are being ridiculed. But so what? Whilst we may all sometimes be offended by some things, it is religion …

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Feb 01 2006

Apologise for what? On Caricatures of Mohammad

The repeated calls for an unreserved apology for publishing ‘offensive’ and ‘insulting’ caricatures of Mohammad reminds me of the apologies that should be made to me and many like me. I’d like the offended Islamists – from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Islamic Jihad to the Saudi government… – to apologise; not for their …

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