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PSA: Never Trust Press TV

This originally was posted on Facebook, changed a bit.

People, it’s pathetic to block people for questioning your source.

A Facebook user shared a story from Press TV, which is officially and openly funded by the Islamic Republic, and it is very notorious as a blatant propaganda news agency, claiming that an Israeli MP has said the mothers of Palestinian children should be killed.

Very naturally, I reminded her that her source is extremely unreliable, asking her to link to a more credible source. She simply said “this is not propaganda!” and when I said “Do you know what kind of a website Press TV is?” she blocked me.

I did a short google search and I saw the story in Al Jazeera and Independent too, and the Independent one was written by an Israeli. So, I guess it was probably true, but that doesn’t mean linking to this shoddy source and believing it was right.

This comment had been left standing on the Press TV story:

The world owes Adolph Hitler an apology. Instead of fighting him we should have let him finish the job. It turns out he was right, and was trying to do the world a favor. If only we knew then what we know now.

I mean, if a site attracts such readers and doesn’t ban them from commenting, that should raise some sort of flags, no?

So: in conclusion: please never trust Press TV. It is funded by a totalitarian regime, it lies all the time. One of its most shameful episodes includes airing confessions of political prisoners obtained by torture; including journalists and human rights activists. It doesn’t deserve to be treated like anything but a hate-mongering propaganda site. So never trust it and always fight it when you see people linking to it.Thanks.


    • Kaveh Mousavi says

      Of course not all evil is a consequence of religion, but she’s a member of the far right party “Our Home” which is very obviously an extremist Jewish party.

  1. Bruce Martin says

    It’s also worth recalling that one propaganda method is to include true statements when possible. So Press TV probably uses some true reporting to hide and disguise it’s key propaganda lies.
    Unfortunately, it is human nature to take a weak but clear example as being representative. So some people might trick themselves into thinking that the source’s use of a true story meant (falsely) that the source was usually true. This is what some propaganda groups rely on, to promote their deceptions better.

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