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WhatsApp Mullah

This is so absurd I couldn’t help sharing it with you. Look at this photo:

IMG15055933This guy is in charge of Friday prayers in city of Zarrin Dasht. He has given his mobile phone number, he has written WhatsApp in Persian like “What’s up”, and has advertised himself thus: “Dear young people: We looked for you in the real world and did not find you, we have come after you in WhatsApp. Connect with me on —, will be answering your question every night from 21 to 22 pm.”

What’s so funny about this is firstly how honest it is – it doesn’t say “we’re expanding our horizon” or “bringing you the voice of god on your smart phone”, it very honestly states that the clergy are desperate to find a young audience. I would love to see his chats, because he’s sure to be bombarded with sarcastic questions, and he’s sure to ignore the fact that they’re sarcastic and answer them earnestly. I don’t know how much of Sharia was produced just this way.


  1. Rike says

    It looks like they are having the same problems all over. In this country (US) the churches are now giving away guns and free tattoos to attract “real men”

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