CONvergence: Doomsday Scenarios

Another of the three panels I was on, audio only unfortunately. Do let me know if the questions from the audience aren’t audible, I might be able to normalize the volume some. I’m not terribly experienced with Audacity, but I’m willing to play with it some more if you have problems.

Also on the panel were biologist and medium-calibre blogger PZ Myers, sci-fi author Adam Whitlatch, math professor and zombie afficionado Robert Smith? (yes, the question mark is part of his real name), and The Skeptical Teacher Matt Lowry (who tried to bite PZ’s head and whapped me about with a CONvergence schedule — I’m just saying).
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Mock The Movie: 2012: Zombie Apocalypse transcript

As always, below the fold is the Twitter transcript for Mock The Movie: 2012: Zombie Apocalypse. I still haven’t gotten around to doing the script to convert to SRT’s, sadly. Home improvement over the past week or so has taken priority. That, and the fact that I’ve got ideas for ways to improve it means I’m unlikely to get it done any time soon — for instance, making each unique tweeter a randomly generated color, for instance, for those subtitle readers that can handle the non-standard font color extension. CompulsoryAccount, if you feel like running your script and emailing the result to me, I’ll put it up happily.

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Mock The Movie: 2012: Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse poster

Join us tonight while we subject ourselves to another scientifically-implausible monster movie! This time, we’re taking on a Syfy original movie, 2012: Zombie Apocalypse, which is sure to have both zombies and apocalypse in equal measure, judging from previous offerings involving megasharks and giant octopi.

This one stars Ving Fucking Rhames though, so there’s a glimmer of hope that there will be a tiny bit of awesome. Let’s see if our snarkers can find it and extricate it from the rest of the heap before we become victims of the zombie menace!

Here’s how we do this Mock The Movie thing:

  1. Start following @MockTM on twitter.
  2. Start watching 2012: Zombie Apocalypse Thursday, May 3rdth, at 9PM EST.  It’s available on Netflix for certain. Obtaining it otherwise (e.g. via DVD) is an exercise left to the snarker.
  3. Once you’ve got 2012: Zombie Apocalypse going, tweet your snarky comments to @MockTM.  Directing our tweets to @MockTM will keep our followers from being overwhelmed with our snark!
  4. Let the snark roll on Twitter!

Bring your chainsaws and cricket bats, katanas and chainmail, whatever you think it’ll take to keep tweeting through this one!

Mock The Movie Supercharged!

Good news, MtM fans — all three of you! We’ve decided on four new movies, to be mocked starting this Thursday and every two weeks thereafter. That’s right, we’re gonna come at you like a spider monkey on crack laced with caffeine (and a tiny bit of prozac to keep from having a heart attack)! Final order is up in the air, but it looks like we’ll be doing the following first:

Frankenstein (2004)
Frankenstein movie poster
Detective Carson O’Conner and her partner Detective Michael Sloane are investigating murders of a serial-killer that mutilates and removes the internal organs of the victims. When they meet the mysterious and macabre Deucalion, they are informed that Dr. Frankenstein is alive with a legion of followers, using the name of Dr. Victor Helios.

Yes, that’s right, a modern-day sequel to Mary Shelley’s original oeuvre, a made-for-TV movie by USA Network. Distribution might be a bit difficult, as it’s still in copyright, so you might have to go to region-locked services like Hulu or Netflix. It will be an exercise for the participant to obtain this one. Others are easier to get though.
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