The 2012 Lousy Year In Review

Welcome to the End of the World after-show, where we look over the highlights of the year prior to the Mayan calendar’s running out. Of course, we’re all still around after the apocalypse because all the prayer averted Planet Nibiru at the last possible second, but we already had the after-show all planned out, so let’s do the highlights anyway. Highlights of, at least, my favorite blog posts from my favorite blog: Escher Girls err… mine!
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The 2011 Lousy Year in Review

Happy new year, everyone! Hope 2012, the Year Of Doom, finds you hale and hardy. Remember, rinse your mouth out with water and wait fifteen minutes before brushing your teeth after you’ve vomited, or you’ll wreck the enamel on your teeth. Of course, the same advice goes for after eating an orange, so there’s that.

This is my first time trying something like this. I’ve been blogging since May 2008, and yet I don’t think I’ve ever once gone through my previous posts and highlighted a few things per month like most other bloggers have a habit of doing. This lack of introspection is inexcusable, of course. So, I’ll try right now.
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