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Jan 10 2013

Well that escalated quickly.

Camomile Lox - Screenshot from 2013-01-10 13:03:48

This is kinda screwed up, though with this post I will consider the matter resolved for the time being. If you get triggered on anything bordering on stalkerdom or obsession, consider this a trigger warning and don’t click through.

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Jul 04 2012

The Inner Badger’s live reaction to Thunderf00t’s video about harassment policies #FTBullies

This… this. A thousand times this. Hilarious. Badger decided to watch Thunderf00t’s attempt at strawmanning the entire harassment policy campaign and react in realtime for our viewing pleasure. You know, the video he made for his now-infamous “MISOGYNIST!!!!” post. This is clearly someone who knows the humour value of whargarbl, to put his own whargarbl …

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Jun 19 2012


There’s yet another misapprehension about language in the present ongoing discussion about sexism and harassment in our respective communities lately. I say yet another because they seem to comprise vast majority of the most jarring moments in these conversations — when people don’t understand one word or another, and fight for days about whether this …

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Nov 02 2011

I used to watch that petulant man-child

I have a dirty little secret to tell. When I was pretty young — 12 or so, I’d say — I’d wake up really early, at ~6:30am, and watch Rush Limbaugh before getting ready for school. With the volume very low, so I wouldn’t disturb my parents or sister, of course. This was at about …

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