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Jul 26 2011

Atheists: PHEAR HIM

He’s completely serious. He knows Javascript. If you’re an atheist, he will hack your shit if you don’t clean your shit up.

Jul 15 2011

XKCD study shows cancer causes cell phones

As always, click through to the site for the mouseover hilarity. Wonder if this will bring back some of my older “EMF CAUSES CANCER ZOMG” trolls.

Jul 08 2011

The Problem with Privilege (or: no, you’re not a racist misogynist ass, calm down)

Part two of a series, evidently. Told you I had more to say. So you’re white. So you’re a man. So you’re well-to-do. That surely doesn’t make you evil! … OR DOES IT!?!? People honestly don’t seem to understand what it means to say that there’s a privilege problem in the skeptical community, it seems. …

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May 04 2011

How many gays must God make?

Minnesotans are cool. I have a mountain of evidence for this, for the record. Trolls aren’t so much. Too bad, I thought we had real dialog going on at one point. It’d be nice if there were more people actually willing to intellectually defend their earnestly held beliefs around these parts.

Feb 11 2011

Fox vs video games: the Bulletstorm shitstorm

The other day, when I saw it appear on the Playstation 3′s “What’s New” splash, I downloaded a demo for a first-person shooter game I hadn’t heard anything about before, called Bulletstorm. The demo video preceding the actual playable level pretty much set the expectations for the game — chaotically violent grindhouse with over-the-top game …

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Jan 27 2011

Doing your part for the ladies of the science blogosphere.

Funny thing happened to me when I was in mom’s womb. I grew a penis. Yeah. I know. Hell of a gift in the grand scheme of things because by virtue of my swinging pipe, it turns out I get a whole lot more say in this world than I’m due. By virtue of some …

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Jan 07 2011

RCimT: Religion/sexuality link roundup

Been a while since I’ve done one of these! I have to get some tabs off my Firefox and I don’t really have a lot of time to blog them individually, so here you are. In case you haven’t seen it, Stephanie has weighed in on the hilarious conflation of sex-positivity and pedophilia a theist …

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Jan 03 2011

How does one prove astrology? BY STARTING OVER.

The undying zombie astrology thread has attracted another latecomer to the party, this time Curtis Manwaring of Astrology X-Files, an astrology software developer who put together a seemingly testable hypothesis and added it as a comment on that thread. I’m moving my response to its own post, because frankly, nobody seems to be reading any …

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Oct 05 2010

Harper government intentionally suppressing inconvenient truths

Remember how rules changes in 2007 basically muzzled climate scientists in Canada from providing interviews with journalists about evidence-based climate research? Remember also how a troll on this blog suggested it was really just the public losing interest in, you know, being “guilt-tripped” by the media about the current state of today’s climate? Documents were …

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Sep 18 2010

How the Pope Learned to Use the Big Lie

In my last blog post, I alluded very briefly and without much detail to Pope Joseph Ratzinger’s recent polemic against secularism, wherein he blamed secularism for the rise of Nazi Germany. I was immediately struck by how patently false and revisionist the claim was, and was honestly surprised to see it coming from such a …

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