Mock the Movie: Road House transcript

Got two transcripts to upload today. One’s silly, one’s serious.

First, of course, the DEADLY SERIOUS one. If you’ve ever seen Road House, you must know just how 80s over-the-top action it is. It was actually hard to sit through in a few spots because it was so disconnected from reality. By the time the monster truck rolls over some unrelated schmoe’s automotive dealership, you’ll be hard pressed to think of it as a coherent movie so much as someone’s cinematographic bucket list.

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The FtB Conversation about TAM: Transcript pt. 2

Here’s the second part of the transcript for the big FtB Conversation from this past weekend, done once again by the indefatiguable Kate Donovan. She’s the poor soul who did the transcript for the “PenisGate Debate”, who volunteered for this as I guess a sort of palate-cleanser.

If you’re just joining in, read these two posts first:

In Medias Res: how to find the plot if you’re just tuning in
The harassment policy campaign timeline

Transcript pt. 1 is available here.

Transcript below the fold.

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Mock The Movie: She Gods of Shark Reef transcript

This Mock the Movie event was everything we expected it to be, and so much less. Your usual Corman film from the 50s/60s, with all the drama coming from a hamfisted villain and a nonexistent deity, and the best acting came from the so-called shark, that you could almost believe was actually a full-sized and dangerous creature that was interested in these characters — as long as you squinted and kinda looked at the screen using your peripheral vision.
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