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Dec 28 2012

Easy-Bake Gender


My sister had an Easy-Bake Oven when we were kids. I recall it having a lot of pink, but not much else about it. I remember vividly the commercials for the one that looked like an oven, but I don’t think that was it. The model my sister had could very likely be this one, …

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Oct 14 2012

Some pinkification I can live with… for now

An image of GoldieBlox, which consists of a picture book opened to a page with an illustrated blonde engineer lady saying "Ahem! Listen up!" and a set of pegs and spools arranged in a star pattern with a ribbon running between them to form a conveyor/pulley system operated by crank.

A while back, someone on Twitter pointed me to this GoldieBlox Kickstarter project, excited that finally, someone was doing something to get young girls interested in engineering. In amongst the glut of male-targeted building toys like K’nex and Erector Sets and LEGO, there’s hardly any such thing for girls. None of these toys are inherently …

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Dec 27 2011

Automoblox: cool idea, with an unfortunate gender-related flaw

Exploded view of an Automoblox toy

Update: see comments for some corrections from the co-founder of Automoblox, which I will also include inline. Reader James Sweet of No Jesus No Peas has discovered a bit of probably accidental sexism in a particularly innovative kids’ toy called Automoblox. The toy concept is rather novel, as a sort of hybrid of LEGO and …

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