Mock The Movie: The Yesterday Machine transcript

Last night’s Mock The Movie, surprisingly, delivered Nazis and a time machine, and a number of snappy tunes. It did not, however, deliver on murders, the intricacies of time travel (every major character was apparently fully aware of and unaffected by the timeline manipulation), or anything resembling science, despite a twenty minute dissertation by Nazi Scientist Antagonist. Nor did it place any of the snappy tunes appropriately to the action.

Oh well. All the better to mock!

Subtitle file is here. As always, save as in the same folder as the movie, and VLC will use it automatically. Thanks CompulsoryAccount7746!
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Birth of a new Obama delusion: Marserism

The “Obama is secretly a Kenyan” conspiracy apparently just wasn’t loony enough for some people, so they had to do Orly Taitz et al one better. Universe Today reports that two self-proclaimed time travellers have leveled Very Serious Allegations about the President of the United States — specifically, that they were all involved in secret missions to teleport to Mars. Back when Barack was known as “Barry Soetero”.
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