Tim Minchin addresses University of Western Australia graduates (UPDATE: With transcript!)

This is an absolutely sublime speech. It is full of both realism and optimism at the same time. It is full of skepticism. It sounds nihilistic at times, but Tim Minchin does that oratory sleight-of-hand that has you looking one way while he delivers a truth sucker punch from the other.

This speech has brightened an otherwise fairly dismal day for me. I hope it does likewise for you!
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Merry Christmas, Komodo Dragon Zombie Superman Jesus

Here’s the Tim Minchin piece that got pulled from the UK channel ITV’s Jonathan Ross Christmas special just in time for the holidays. I don’t honestly see what the problem is with this song — he’s told a very accurate account of everything believers think about Jesus. Every single line item is absolutely true, though the believers certainly wouldn’t use the same words.

Shame that telling the truth is often a revolutionary act. It got pulled out of fear that the nastier theists might wage a takedown campaign. If that’s what this has come to — that you can’t put unpopular interpretations about a popular religion on air because someone might be offended, even though every aspect of what you’re saying is demonstrably true individually and in toto, then you’re dealing with fascist-wannabes, not “love thy neighbor” types.

My only real complaint is that it’s not nearly as catchy as some of his others. It feels like it could use a bit of polish.