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Nov 02 2011

I used to watch that petulant man-child

I have a dirty little secret to tell. When I was pretty young — 12 or so, I’d say — I’d wake up really early, at ~6:30am, and watch Rush Limbaugh before getting ready for school. With the volume very low, so I wouldn’t disturb my parents or sister, of course. This was at about …

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Oct 04 2011

The Problem with Privilege (or: Evidential Skepticism)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, so to catch you all up, here are my prior entries in the series. The Problem with Privilege (or: you got sexism in my skepticism!) The Problem with Privilege (or: no, you’re not a racist misogynist ass, calm down) The Problem with Privilege (or: …

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Aug 02 2011

The Woman and YOU

I’m falling in love with MisterSharp. Which is good, because I’m to avoid relationships with women at all costs, I hear. Additionally, it entirely explains the whole skeptic privilege blogsplosion. I’ve been fighting on the wrong side this whole time!

Jul 25 2011

The Problem with Privilege: some correct assertions, with caveats

I really want to get on with other things. Seriously, I do. Which is why I want to cede a bit of ground — or at least it might seem that way to the casual observer, given all the things I’m about to agree to. It would pay dividends in furthering the conversation if you …

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Jul 06 2011

The Problem with Privilege (or: you got sexism in my skepticism!)

This particular blog debacle has already been done to death pretty well everywhere on the ‘tubes. I usually find that’s about the right time for me to weigh in, so here goes. First, I need to set the stage for those of you just joining us, though I’ve already given you links to this particular …

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Apr 30 2010

Should sexiness sell skepticism?

Sex sells. It’s practically axiomatic now — if you want to sell anything, sex it up. How do you do that? Well, obviously, in the advertisement world, by adding half-naked women, right? You know, since men — and heterosexual men only — are the only consumers worth targeting. Except, NO, they’re not — heterosexual males …

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Oct 14 2009

Nuance is better than extremism, no matter what topic

DuWayne posted this video over at his place as a follow-up to the raging nutbar we had foul up our respective blogs recently. As requested by DuWayne privately, here’s my thoughts on the video, unaltered by any of the comments or his post. (As much as I can manage, as I’d read / skimmed most …

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Jul 12 2009

Eight-zip! Woo!

The infamous atheist bus ads stating “there’s probably no god” will run in BC and Halifax after all, thanks to Supreme Court of Canada decision (eight-nothing, no less!) stating that the transit authorities were being unnecessarily broad in their argument that they were merely trying to avoid controversy. Given that the transit authorities are perfectly …

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May 17 2009

Today’s lesson: men and women ARE different

Since we’re talking a bit about gender norms and sexist behaviour lately, here’s a fascinating study Jodi pointed out to me yesterday regarding what people perceive as sexist. Jodi has reservations with some of the questions asked, feeling as though if there’s not a preexisting stereotype regarding the behaviour in the question, it’s not really …

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Jun 07 2008

Better late than never.

Senator Hillary Clinton has officially suspended her campaign and endorsed Barack Obama. While she was, right up until mere days before Obama clinched the nomination, claiming she’d take the nomination fight right through til Denver, she has realized that unfortunately the steam has run out for her campaign. Don’t get me wrong. Obviously I’m supporting …

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