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Jun 29 2012

Ashu Solo increases pressure on Saskatoon prayer-mayor

I’ve covered previously Ashu Solo’s complaints to the mayor of Saskatoon for one of their councillors’ prayers during a volunteer appreciation dinner, and the CCLA asking them to stop it. It appears that several days ago, Solo contacted me to let me know that he’s built a blog post regarding the media’s coverage of this …

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May 04 2012

The uniform groupthink of The Freethought Borg

Look! Look at how identical our opinions are on everything! This latest spate of opinionation on the SCA’s new hire pretty much proves that we’re all cookie-cutter and identical around these parts. Stephanie: When I say interesting, I mean in the sense that I’m highly ambivalent about it. On the one, obvious hand, Rogers is …

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Jan 21 2012

Get a shirt. Prove you’re “One of us! One of us!”

JT and Christina over at WWJTD have been doing a bang-up job defending teenager Jessica Ahlquist from ridiculous attacks by those devout who consider the Bible to be more important with respect to the laws of the land than the Constitution of the United States. Hemant Mehta of Friendly Atheist founded a college fund for …

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Nov 01 2011

FFRF vs Creepy Pastor in Florida

It’s more than a little disturbing to me that this pastor is visiting an elementary school grounds on a weekly basis to lead the wee little kiddies in prayer. Forget the separation of church and state for a moment — what non-scholastic adult visiting an elementary school on a weekly basis shouldn’t get visited by …

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Oct 21 2011

Pastors want more say, from pulpit, in 2012 election

From CNN’s Belief Blog: Garlow’s sermon was part of a wider effort by the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal organization that since 2008 has hosted Pulpit Freedom Sunday, a day when they encourage and promise to protect pastors who willfully violate the Johnson Amendment and endorse from the pulpit. s The movement is growing. While …

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