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Sep 21 2012

Rush Limbaugh: Tiny penises are feminazis’ fault

Limbaugh’s at it again. Even using his linguistic creation, to boot. This time, his unevidenced postulate is that feminism shrinks penises. Because feminism has only existed for the last 50 years. Or something. Rush Limbaugh on Thursday lashed out at feminists — who he called “feminazis” — over the news that male genitalia are shrinking. …

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Jul 20 2012

Rush Limbaugh as The Penguin explains the Bat-Conspiracy against Romney

You have to admit, Oswald Cobblepot is actually significantly more sane-sounding than this normally. Jimmy Kimmel pretty much picked the perfect clips to show how ridiculous Limbaugh’s accusations are, because the clips of Bane are from an episode that first aired September 10, 1994. If there was a secret plot to make Mitt Romney look …

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Apr 08 2012

Rush Limbaugh, the racist prop comic, sans funny


“Oh, what’s he done this time?” you ask, with a mix of impatience and exasperation.

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Mar 10 2012

News flash: Rush keeps being Rush

As though this is any surprise. Despite his not-pology, despite his declaring that when he called Sandra Fluke a slut he was “being like the left”, he’s still on the attack — any woman who dares speak up about contraception is fair game to this man. I seriously have no idea what it’ll take to …

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Mar 09 2012

The Rush Limbaugh implosion continues apace

Looks like Rush is getting his just desserts. Forty-plus advertisers have pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s show, and the show itself has been pulled outright from two radio affiliates. At least two prominent musicians have told him not to use their music on his show ever again. And somehow, it all continues to snowball.

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Mar 09 2012

Reformed Whores on Rush Limbaugh’s slut-shaming

See, all you have to do is redefine every slur, and they all make perfect sense the way Rush uses them! Hat tip to Stephanie. Also, if you’re still unclear on this whole “slut” thing, Elyse put up a handy flowchart over at Skepchick.

Mar 07 2012

Bill Maher is a fucking idiot.

I’ve said it a few times before. The guy got a scant few questions right — the question of whether or not there’s a God, and whether or not global warming is real. Otherwise, he’s a misogynist scumbag lackwit who thinks the germ theory of disease is a sham and vaccines are some kind of …

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Mar 02 2012

Citrix pulls out of Rush Limbaugh advertisements

After a metric assload of complaints regarding their advertising on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Citrix has pulled their advertisements. They posted on their Facebook wall: Over the past day, we’ve heard from many great Citrix customers about our advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show. These customers have expressed their growing concern that some of his …

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Nov 02 2011

I used to watch that petulant man-child

I have a dirty little secret to tell. When I was pretty young — 12 or so, I’d say — I’d wake up really early, at ~6:30am, and watch Rush Limbaugh before getting ready for school. With the volume very low, so I wouldn’t disturb my parents or sister, of course. This was at about …

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