Mock The Movie: Rabid Grannies transcript

Sick wife, work still ridiculous, almost completely out of resources again. Ow. Transcript below the fold. Will edit in the subtitle files after I get some rest.

Movie was exactly what I’ve come to expect from Troma. Not completely horrible — too self-mocking to classify as horrible. Lots of senseless deaths and hammy acting and cheesy effects. Lots of self-awareness. Made it rather difficult to mock, in fact. The self-mocking ones are like that.
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Mock The Movie: Rabid Grannies

Holy crap, I almost missed that today’s Mock The Movie day. In two hours, we will hunker down, stock up on tea and liniment and bundt cake and hope to weather the impending Zombie Granny Invasion.

This Thursday, October 11, we will be picking up a Belgian gem that will deliver what so many of our movies only promise: The cartoonishly graphic slaughter of despicable people. Seriously, we’re told no one survives the Rabid Grannies. Watch with us on YouTube.

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