Serial adulterer Newt Gingrich wanted an open marriage

Via ThinkProgress, more hypocrisy amongst the Republican candidates, this time by Newt Gingrich. How is it hypocrisy, you ask? Well, he believes marriage should be legislated and mandated by law to be one man, one woman.

But for his own marriage, he wanted one man, multiple women instead.

Of course, he wasn’t actually arguing for polyamory, just for the ability to cheat with impunity. And thank goodness, because I have a good deal of sympathy for the idea of polyamory — how consenting fully informed adults arrange their sex lives is nobody’s fucking concern but theirs, thankyouverymuch. I would hate for the movement for recognizing polyamory as a legitimate lifestyle to gain such a notable skeezoid as its new poster child.

ABC has apparently entered into a full-scale civil war over whether to air the interview with Marianne Gingrich immediately, or wait until AFTER the Repub primary in South Carolina. I guess they feel bad about scuttling Gingrich and damning the Republicans to Romney. Such a shame, where Gingrich was doing so well after his calling Obama a “food stamp president” in a not-at-all racist manner.

Check out Moral Relativism Magazine

Our close blog-buddy DuWayne Brayton has been published in a philosophy publication covering morality called Moral Relativism Magazine. I can only assume the purpose of the publication is to retake a label that the evangelical crowd has turned into a slur, considering that moral relativism is far more nuanced than “we should do whatever we want because all morals are relative”. DuWayne sent along a preview copy of the article, so I could pimp his writing, and I figure there’s no harm in giving you a sample of the first two paragraphs so you can gauge whether you’re interested in the full thing.

A mere fifty years ago it was generally accepted that people who had different colored skin getting married was so immoral it was illegal in most states in the U.S. Even today, the few states allow same sex couples to marry and such marriages aren’t recognized by the U.S. federal government. Less than fifty years ago people who engaged in homosexual sex could be imprisoned in several U.S. states. In Kenya, Uganda and Nairobi homosexuality can still be cause for imprisonment, in some cases inducing a life sentence. Homosexuality is a capital crime in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Nigeria. Most people in most cultures worldwide consider monogamy the default assumption for romantic relationships. Even many atheists find polyamorous relationships morally ambiguous at best.

Yet there has been miscegenation since people of different colors have been in contact with one another. Homosexuality would not be illegal or otherwise frowned upon if it had not existed for all of history in a myriad of cultures. Polygamy and polyamory, not to mention the assumption of cheating have been accepted in innumerable cultures throughout history. All of these also occur and have occurred in cultures that generally consider them immoral. While it can be argued that every culture has ethical frameworks, parts of which are considered moral axioms to the majority of individuals within that culture, it is absurd to assume that everyone in a given culture accepts all of that framework as moral truth.

The full magazine is $8 per issue, which is good considering it’s a relatively (heh) new and self-published startup providing actual physical copies for each issue, operating primarily through Lulu. The best part is, it’s a paid gig for DuWayne, and the more people buy this magazine and support their efforts, the more likely it will stick around to provide a revenue stream for DuWayne and other philosophers like him. If you’ve got the change and are interested in this sort of thing, it might be worth your while to support these folks.

AFA: gay marriage leads to polyamory, car, building, dog marriage

Apparently, according to the yahoos at the American Family Association, if gays are allowed to marry, that literally opens the door for polyamory right then and there. Those of you in polyamorous relationships need only fight for gay marriage, I guess! It’s awesome that the bar for polyamory was that low, that we could fix two sets of injustices by fixing one of them! Should be seriously heartening news to everyone presently unable to celebrate their love officially, and obtain legal protections for their loved ones.
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