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Jan 07 2012

OWS: Grand Central Station arrests

Protesters have been arrested in Grand Central Station for the grievous crime of… protesting indefinite detention without charges in a public place. What do you want to bet that they’re going to be detained indefinitely without charges?

Dec 07 2011

Casual Pepper-spray Cop and the Christmas Miracle


Via Copyranter, possibly the only Christmas sweater I’d ever consider buying and wearing.

Nov 22 2011

The casual pepper-spraying cop meme

frodo pepper spray

Dana linked a picture of a campus cop by the name of John Pike casually spraying a line of seated Occupy Wall Street protesters with pepper-spray. This video went viral. Then, like most viral things do once they reach a certain level of critical mass, it mutated. In some cases rather drastically. Here’s some pictures …

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Nov 14 2011

An anthem for the minority

We keep forgetting, in the Occupy Wall Street movement, the minority’s rights. Kris Kitko wrote them an anthem of their own.

Nov 11 2011

Teachers and Students Occupy Wall Street

Don’t mind the repeating — it’s not ritualistic chanting, it’s a technique to allow the people at the back to hear the speaker. It’s completely necessary in these protests because megaphones or speakers or other volume amplification techniques require city permits. Heh. That last guy doesn’t know how to work this crowd-based megaphone very well, …

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Oct 26 2011

Police in Oakland disperse crowd using a flashbang while they try to rescue Iraq vet

Way to go, you jackbooted thugs, you fascist assholes. I hope you feel really big now. These people were trying to rescue the 24 year old two-tour Iraq War veteran you just shot in the face with a tear gas canister — fracturing his damned skull, by the way — and you have the gall …

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Oct 22 2011

Occupy Wall Street photo memes


A number of great photos from or about the Occupy Wall Street protests have gone viral. Figured you’d like to see some of them. Below the fold, obviously.

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Oct 22 2011

On the Role of the Middle Class in Occupy Wall Street

I’ve been involved in a conversation with Juniper Shoemaker these past few days about the Occupy Wall Street movement, the worry that the middle class will eventually co-opt it, and that the concerns of the less-privileged will be subsumed into returning the middle class to the status quo. It’s also been a conversation largely about …

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Oct 18 2011

Science dispels “vagueness” about Occupy Wall Street

Capture The Buck. From the Mother Jones article linked below.

One of the claims by the right-wing media about the Occupy movement is that they’re vague, e.g. they don’t know what they’re fighting for. I find this meme interesting in that it attacks the Occupy movement’s strength — the fact that the issues are so widespread and so palpable that you have to be in …

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Oct 18 2011

Chris Hedges: “This one could take them all down.”

Yes, the same Chris Hedges that O’Leary called a “left-wing nutjob” as regards Occupy Wall Street. Interesting — I don’t know too many left wing nutjobs that consider MoveOn.org to be a reprehensible organization.