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May 04 2009

Great discussion on incentives and open source software

Stephanie Zvan at Almost Diamonds wrote a wonderfully insightful article that cuts through the BS about technical support being better if, and only if, the support comes from a paid drone, as opposed to an unpaid, unclean basement dwelling OSS geek. The topic even spilled over into a flame war at Greg Laden’s house, in …

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Apr 22 2009

I want My SQL

Oracle just bought out Sun, and geeks like me fear for the fate of Sun’s open source offerings such as MySQL. Marten Mickos believes they won’t kill it, because they bid so highly on it when MySQL originally went up for sale. Being that I use MySQL almost exclusively, both at work and at home …

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Oct 25 2008

Reader links roundup

Another quick link roundup.  What do you guys think of the really-short, nearly-content-free postings I’ve been doing over the past several days?  They’re easier to slap together quickly, which is what I need given that my free time has been so tight.  I promise I won’t abandon longer posts altogether, either way. Courtesy of Jason …

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Aug 29 2008

Open source really and truly rocks.

If you didn’t believe me before, check this out.  This was done with Blender, which was a commercial app until 2002 when the company who created it went under.  They then offered anyone to buy the source code, and the open source community ponied up — to the tune of $147,000 US.  Six years later, …

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Jun 17 2008

Firefox 3 is out

For those of you that are using Linux, you already know how to update Firefox — just use Update Manager and install any Firefox update that’s available.  For you poor souls on Windows, good luck — the download site has been a very slow site all day long.  And it’s no wonder — there have …

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Jun 17 2008

PHP safe mode shenanigans

I’m on my lunch break, and I’m a bit annoyed right now.  This morning I tried to install the pre-packaged Gallery installer that’s available in my website’s Plesk, and last week I tried to manually install Gallery2, both without success.  Apparently PHP Safe Mode is enabled on my server, meaning I can’t install either, since …

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