What Kant meant by the is/ought divide

Cripes on toast. John Loftus moved to FtB recently. His blog is live now — has been for a few days in fact. I even helped him migrate Debunking Christianity from its old Blogspot host, and in doing so, only managed to get the first 150 megs of his blog before Blogspot crapped out on the download. And that was the biggest export I managed to squeeze out of Google’s servers, in fact. Evidently there’s a script processing limit that I was hitting repeatedly. No wonder — the largest I managed to grab was an order of magnitude larger than anything else I’d helped migrate into FtB up to this point. I am a very tiny fish in a very large pond, swimming with some whales, pretending that I’m just as important.

Loftus posted this video by QualiaSoup, a Youtube philosopher whom I absolutely adore and have linked a number of times in the past, so I’m nicking it for some easy and brainy content.
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